"New Normal" Mungerisms: From Jews & Gold To Bankers & Heroin

The bespectacled Robin to Buffet’s Batman is at it again. After casting disparaging remarks about the hard-money fanatics of the world with his “only old jews like gold” comment last year, in a brief interview on CNBC today, Charlie Munger explained how “bankers should not be trusted” adding that “they are like heroin addicts.” He was reflecting on the debacle that occurred in Cypriot banks of course – but his perspective is likely useful for a broader remit of investment professionals with endless fungible free money as their backstop. So that’s the pair; hard- and soft-money partakers be damned. The irony of his firm reporting dramatically better-than-expected profits on the back of a surge in insurance-selling (not at all like CDS) is not lost on us.



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