JCPenneystock: We Are Very, Very Sorry So Please Come Back And, Like, Buy Our Stuff

After watching the following sad, humiliating, grovelling “ad” by JCP whose sole premise is to apologize (for what: being the vehicle though which Bill Ackman got to channel his “I know all about retail” hubris and arrogance and in the process destroying the company? for Corzining half of your investment in the company stock? for getting more infomercial time on CNBC than even the Federal Reserve?) to that handful of people who even care to watch it…

… our only question is how long before JCP has to come out with a sequel, apologizing to all those muppets who bought into the Goldman syndicated $1.75 billion term loan that is about to get Movie-Galleried?

In tangential news, this is what happens when one doesn’t have Spiderman towels in stock.


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