JPMorgan Receives No New COMEX Gold Today, Converts Registered Into Eligible

Anyone waiting with bated breath for the moment when cell H25 in the daily Comex gold inventory update (the one showing JPM’s total holdings of Eligible gold) shows 0.000 will have to wait at least one more day. According to today’s update, as of Thursday (so excluding today’s post-Europe close gold shenannigans) JPM’s eligible for delivery gold inventory did not receive any new gold, which started the day at yesterday’s record low (for the firm) level of 141,581.5 troy ounces, and would have ended flat, had it not been for the reclassification of 17.5k ounces of registered gold into eligible.


The tiny move barely registered on the long-term chart, however, which still remains just a hair’s width away from record lows, and from zero.

To find out what happens with JPM’s gold after today’s volatile gold session, check back same time, same place on Monday.


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