A Closer Look At Today's German Stock Market Flash Crash

While most of the US was in deep REM sleep, the Germany stock index, the DAX, had a flashback to May 2010: starting at 3:44 am EDT, in the span of 6 minutes or much faster than the gradual drop that led to the US flash crash from three years ago, the DAX went from well and solidly-bid to having zero liquidity… and dumping nearly 200 points in the process. Whether it was rumors of a (subsequently validated) rating agency downgrade, or just an algo testing its quote stuffing ability, the moves showed vividly that when the current rosy paradigm shifts abruptly and violently, all those hoping to be the first out of the door and hit the sell button, simply won’t be able to do so. Because sadly there is no such thing as a free “4 year long zero volume levitation” – one must always pay the piper in the end.

Charts below from Nanex:

1. June 2013 DAX Futures Depth of Book.

Shouldn’t demand increase as prices drop? Only if it is demand for physical gold it seems.


2. June 2013 eMini Futures Depth of Book.

eMini basically shrugs it off, DAX influence weak.


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