Rick Santelli Asks The $14 Trillion Dollar Question

Two minutes into a somewhat boring pre-close wrap-up, the CNBC guests bring up the glaring revelation that perhaps, just perhaps, the Fed’s $85 billion per month (plus the BoJ’s exuberance) is not enough. But at three minutes, Rick Santelli dares to ask the question that no one wants to hear the answer to. Addressing questions over what bonds and commodities are telling us, Santelli notes the bubble-blowing tendencies of “re-applying [economic] medicines that don’t work and don’t take hold,” and that the current weakness is deflationary. “Just look at 20-year lows in European car sales… or 13-year lows in China GDP growth,” he explains, “you have to delever down to some sort of reality – that’s the healing process;” but instead, due to “economic semantics,” we “keep doing [building bigger bubbles].” With $14 trillion of central bank balance sheet reflation in place, Rick asks, what if its the “wrong medicine?”


Forward to 3:00… and enjoy an uncomfortable truth grenade…


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