Global Economic Slowdown Accelerates Again

It would appear that between the historical revisions of over-optimistic initial prints in macro data in the last few months and the reality of the weakness in Europe; the global economy is in Slowdown. Goldman’s Swirlogram has now seen its Global Leading Indicator in the ‘slowdown’ phase for two months as momentum fades rapidly and seven of the ten major factors in the index declining with Global (Aggregate) PMI, and Global New Orders-less-Inventories worsening. Quite comically, the three factors providing some positivity are the Baltic Dry Index (which we are told is irrelevant when it drops), Japanese Inventory/Sales (which improved but remains at depression-era levels), and US initial jobless claims (which have become a farce statistically from what we can tell). Of course, none of this macro reality matters for now – until it does that is.


The red arrows show the relative size of adjustments from the initial estimates…



and the last 3 days have seen the biggest drop in US macro data in 9 months…



Charts: Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs

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