Twinkies Union Issues Ultimatum: We Get Our Jobs Back Or The Company Gets It Again

Following a brief infomercial for Gordian Group’s apparent skills in bringing dough-makers and yeast-cooking perfection to the table – arguing that they are here to preserve jobs (for skilled workers who have been apparently working for below-market wages) – and maximizing value for the Bakery Union; Peter Kaufman stops the pretense of helping and goes straight for the threat. “We are here to work with credible bidders to get started right away with a great work-force; on the other hand, if bidders don’t want to work with us (and re-hire Hostess employees), the union will ask the AFL-CIO to put any Hostess product on its ‘boycott product’ list.” But “we’re here to help,” he reminds the somewhat stunned CNBC anchor. It seems beggars are once again choosers… as the entitled roll on.

Of course, far be it from us to point out the incredible irony that it was the labor union’s unwillingness to negotiate that forced the company to run out of cash; and now that same union, that effectively blew up their employer, demands to have jobs restored as if nothing happened, and likely with the same (apparently higher comp) demands entitlements as before.


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