The ABCs Of The Super Bowl: Ads, Betting, And Consumption

It’s that day again. Some will fast forward through the game and watch the commercials (Top 5 most viral Ads below); others will have a stadium-pal installed early and elasticated waist-bands; and many will win (or lose) a fortune based on any number of random permutations of path-wise dependent scoring. However, presented for your viewing pleasure, the only three infographics needed for today: Of Beer and Bathroom Breaks, Super Bowl Bingo (drinking game), and the History of Super Bowl Betting Lines. Go Niners…





Most Viral Super Bowl Ads Of All Time (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek):

1. “The Force” — Volkswagen, 56,012,882 views

The most shared ad of all time. The six-year-old actor in the spot, Max Page, had never seen a ‘Star Wars’ movie before filming the now-iconic commercial.


2. “Sexy & I Know It” — M&M’s, 22,267,015 views

This commercial introduced a new M&M character in the form of Ms. Brown, voiced by Vanessa Williams.


3. “The Dog Strikes Back” — Volkswagen, 16,452,106 views

Most reviews of the commercial cheered its healthy message, but questioned the inclusion of the tail segment connecting the dog with the Star Wars cantina.


4. “Imported From Detroit” — Chrysler, 15,835,360 views

Got a lot of flack for allegedly touting President Obama’s auto bailout (which, considering it was voiced by Clint Eastwood, is insane).


5. “Matthew’s Day Off” — Honda, 16,514,669 views

Teasers from the commercial led to rampant rumors that a sequel to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was in production.

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