5% Correction Sell Signal Triggered… Just Like In January 2011

We previously explained the obvious similarities (with stocks, bonds, and leveraged positions) with the current period in the market and the end of 2010 and start of 2011 period. Much is once again being made of the ‘flows’ as $18.8bn (the 3rd largest on record – since 1992) pushed into equities. Retail also bought long-only equities for the fourth straight week ($2.7bn), and $12.2bn was added via ETFs, but the significance of the flows has triggered a “sell” signal for the traders at BofAML. The last time such a sell-signal was triggered was, ironically, late January 2011 – which was followed by an 8% correction. Their Global Flow Trading Rule (based on flows breaking 0.5% of AUM) on average has led to a 5% correction in global stocks over the subsequent 4-5 weeks. Different, this time?


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