Bearish VIX Positioning Near Record, As Russell 2000 Non-Commercial Longs At All Time High

There were two quite notable pieces of information in today’s Committment of Traders weekly update: on one hand, the net non-commercial spec position in VIX futures just plunged by 16,222 contracts to 104,284. This was just shy of the all time low net VIX spec position hit in early December, and means bets that the VIX will continue plunging lower will likely set a new record next week.  It could also mean that courtesy of the reflexivity of the market, in which the underlying is driven by its synthetic derivative (for a detailed explanation of how that works just ask Bruno Iskil and how massively mispriced various IG credits were thanks to his whale trade in IG9), the VIX itself is being pushed around by the VIX futures itself. That the dramatic move lower in the VIX futures began with the appointment of Simon Potter as head of the NY Fed’s trading desk is perhaps not surprising.

The other notable point of data is that net non-commercial specs in the Russell 2000 Mini contract just hit an all time high. Using comedy financial channel logic this means they can only go much higher.

Source: CTFC

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