Santelli To Forecasting 'Fail' Fed: "Let Market Forces Reign"

While cogitating on yesterday’s weak GDP print, CNBC’s Rick Santelli confirmed his view that forecasting is complex (at best) and impossible (most likely). The 2010 view of the Fed was that 2012 growth would be 3.5-4% – quite a destructive miss as it turned out; and while Santelli is not attacking the Fed for its ridiculously bad forecasts, he makes a critical point. Forecasting such a massively complex and dynamic system as the global economy is foolhardy but attempting to control a few of the pieces (and not all of the pieces – which is akin to herding cats) is insane. His suggestion, “maybe [the Fed] should look at what has worked in the past; that is market forces.” Indeed, two minutes of sanity…


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