Why You Need To Get A Mobile Website Design

The Promising Situation
16.2 million Australians have cells, indicates Bureau of Statistics study. Smart phone is similarly really common among Australians. In fact, in a recent research, Google discovered that the use of mobile apps and online transaction is most widely used in Singapore and then in Melbourne. In another year or so it’s expected that more people will access the internet through their cells than through laptops or standard desktop.

This makes it the best time for m-Commerce. Observing this trend, all the businesses must be working hard to make their mobile website design.

The Unused Potential
It’s been observed that m-Commerce is being largely disregarded. It seems that the businesses have no idea about the huge potential client base the body of mobile users contain. Over 70% of the businesses in Australia do not have a mobile friendly website.

Even the local retail websites seem to be making this mistake in their marketing plans. People access sites on the train or sitting in a cafe, and are more than ever ready to make purchases on the internet. In the present technologically advanced scenario, many people are buying goods from online stores than from retail outlets.

What is the Solution?
If the businesses wish to stay profitable then they should work on creating a mobile website design. For those that already have an internet presence, it’s time to strike out with R&D and find out what it is that clients do on their cells. Do customers only use Internet for getting store locations or do they purchase online? Based upon this information they should be able to design a mobile site that is clean and gives the users just what they want.

Companies that do not have an internet presence would do well to begin with a mobile presence right now, when the time is right. They should be aware that the mobile website design process is different from designing sites for the mainstream internet.

Mobile Website Design Pitfalls and Tips
Most of the businesses make the mistake of reproducing their website for smaller mobile platform. A mobile website with too much information can become awkward and slow. Such a site will actually discourage the clients instead of encouraging them to purchase. You have to understand the clients and provide them a design that meets their needs.

The mobile site must have a landing page with a clear focus and straightforward interface. The fewer the number of steps between a user’s entry to a mobile site and a transaction, the more will be the number of sales or leads generated.

Why Don’t You Use Google Sites?
For those having problems with their web design can take the helping hand that Google has recently extended, in the form of templates for mobile sites at Google Sites. Using this dinky tool, small businesses can now render existing website pages in mobile friendly formats, and use templates for landing pages, lead generation, social interaction and e-Commerce. It can be a big help to small businesses that don’t have the resources for a major mobile presence, but would still like to offer their users information such as directions, contact information, announcements and other data.

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