Data Recovery Plan, An IT Need That Will Secure Your Business Ventures

Christo IT focuses on data recovery business plans that may benefit your business, stopping any mishaps or technological malfunctions in your company’s work day. Since Christo IT was established in 1999, the goal of the business was to provide successful IT services for small businesses within the Philadelphia area. Founder, Christopher Schalleur has accomplished just this, providing customers with the most helpful data recovery plans and IT services in Philadelphia. Numerous small businesses do not have an in-house IT team, that’s why Christo functions as such a strong force of stability and safety for these kinds of businesses within the region. By supplying these services, Christo IT distinguishes itself from its competitors and proves to be a leader in the IT world for small businesses.

Christo IT has the experience and trustworthiness to take care of all your company’s IT needs. They supply services like virus and adware monitoring, server and data backups, external storage, patch management, security updates, disaster recovery, and data recovery plans for your distinct company needs. Christo’s data recovery plans supply services that guarantee 99.9 % uptime. With the Complete Care business package, Christo provides their customers with 24/7 support, in case of an unexpected emergency. The IT engineers at Christo supply their customers with successful help services by way of straightforward steps, such as listening to what the business specifically needs, checking the systems, and supplying their customers with quarterly consultation, when they will give recommendations about how to best optimize a client’s system.

The data recovery plans give customers options about simply how much security and protection that their business may need to have for their company. The Five Layers of Backup, that’s available for Complete Care customers, provides companies with protection from losing any information and programs, which can potentially cost them significant amounts of money and time. With the Five Layers of Backup, Christo customers can rest well knowing that their company’s most important and important information is safe. The first layer of backup is a server backup, which ultimately saves your information and stops any mishaps in the event of a power outage or disk drive failure. The second layer is making a 2nd hard drive for your business. This can be a strategy to immediately reboot your hard drive so your clients will in no way realize that there was a problem. The 3rd layer entails an picture capture, which includes an picture of all your company’s information. This can be a more rapid and simpler type of information maintenance, resulting in greater recovery rates. The fourth layer is external storage, that’s the added layer, in case the remainder of the layers fail. And finally, disaster recovery gives companies with off-site information, just in situation of a fire or other unexpected emergency.

For more information about Christo IT services call 215- 256-7901. Christo IT is a regional premiere IT service provider, ensuring that your company has an effective data recovery service to secure all data.

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