Japan's Hope-Based Rally, And Election-Triggered Reality

The strength of the Japanese stock market over the past few weeks has been at once heralded as anticipation of Abe’s policies and the renaissance of this island nation’s faltering reality. However, as Bloomberg’s chart of the day points out, this performance trend (just as we saw in sentiment and market performance in the US) is absolutely normal heading into an election. As the chart below shows, the election day (on average) has marked a significant short-term top in the market 12 of the last 13 previous cycles. So while Jeff Gundlach is short JPY and long NKY, we suspect there will be a better entry point for the latter ‘lomg’ leg just a few days after the election landslide. As Daiwa’s Soichiro Monji noted “Investors buy on promises and ideals up until the election. When the parliament starts a normal session, they will start trading on reality.”



Charts: Bloomberg

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