DoubleLine's Gundlach Shorts JPY And Prefers Gold To Stocks – Full SlideShow

Jeff Gundlach presents his latest thoughts in the following 75-slide presentation and webcast. Briefly summing it up, he expects considerably more volatility to re-appear in Europe, thinks JPY is a short (and NKY a buy) and Japan is to be closely watched, prefers Gold to stocks as a vehicle to play more quantitative easing, and is anxious of the fiscal cliff – noting that the problem was created from years of budget deficits. Some notable quotes include: “A lot of that GDP is phony”; “Japan is really out of policy tools”; “Many countries can be net debtors if central banks are monetizing debt.”

Live webcast link here.


Two of his favorite charts for the year (somewhat sadly) are:


Student debt, which is exploding, is a real problem…



And the mega chart-pack is here:

12-11-12 To Catch A Thief webcast Slides – FINAL

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