These Funds Are About To Get Creamed If The Nexen/CNOOC Deal Fails

In just over one hour the Canadian government will hold a press conference on the troubled Nexen/CNOOC deal: a deal that will make or break many M&A merger arbs or 2012. And judging by the algo reaction in the past few minutes, i.e., the complete collapse in NXY stock, the deal is off. So who is about to get crushed? Below is a sort of all hedge and mutual funds who added the most NXY stock in Q3, i.e., those who decided to pick pennies in front of a steam roller in hopes the Canadian government lets the deal through, with far more downside than upside if said assumption fails. All we can say is: Oops Paulson…. Again.


Quite intriguing flash crash (down over 16%) which just happened to coincide with the 200DMA – perfectly normal…

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