$34,852,564,500 – That's How Much BoomBustBlog's Apple Research Was Worth Today!

Yes, $34,852,564,500! That’s how much BoomBustBlog Apple research was worth today as Apple dropped nearly 7% out of nowhere (as it gained over 7% for the exact same reason a couple of weeks ago). That’s also the amount of money it took to turn the lights on in the hedge fund roach motel. Prepare to see ~240 funds who DO NOT subscribe to the blog start scurrying and scampering about, as per ZeroHedge:


So, you asked for what the research behind the firewall said, and now you have it:

apple puts small

Up 8% one day, down 7% in one day two weeks later… Apple is now comparable in volatility to Greek bonds!!! You know what that means… It may get worse once the pudits wake up and realize that the Apple App Store Has 4x Google Play Store Revenue, But Google’s Store Growing Ridiculously 24x Faster! #MarginCompression! You see, the Apple App Store is the glue that holds Apple’s customers in house. It’s basically the network effect at work at its greatest. The problem is, if you no longer have the largest network, you know longer have the effect. This was clearly articulated last year, see I Absolutely Dare Anyone To Read This And Still Not Consider The Probability (Not Possibility) Of Apple Suffering From Margin Compression.

Subscribers see Apple 4Q2012 update professional & institutional and Apple 4Q2012 update – retail.

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