No-cost Audiobooks – Why and Where

Just plain too busy to sit down with a great novel, then maybe you would want to try free audio books instead. The dawn of audio books has certainly altered the landscape for serious readers and book publishers alike. Listening to free audiobooks frees you to multitask and get a lot of things done while simultaneously being entertained by a good read you might have missed because of lack of time – gratis!.

The Internet abounds with places where you can land audio books free. There’s Librivox, though almost all of these audio books are narrated by volunteers so the quality may not be as good as other sites. Other sources of free audio books online include Ambling Audio Books, Project Gutenberg or Free Classic Audiobooks which all offer an abundance of favorites such as Treasure Island, Jane Eyre and The Wizard of Oz in their collections.

Or if you want more modern books then you can visit Books Should be Free and download free audio books in different genres like science fiction, romance, mystery or children’s books. Be warned if it’s popular modern books you’re looking for, be prepared to pay money for those. Some paying sites will give you sample audio books free. Download the sample first. This will give you the opportunity to decide whether you want to buy the complete copy later.

Although enjoying an audio book may seem like a departure from conventional reading, it allows you the opportunity to do other things while you listen. You can listen to an audio book while exercising, while driving to work, while vacuuming the living room, while running errands or waiting in line at the DMV.

Beyond all that, here’s 4 great benefits of “consuming” books this way:

  • For book publishers, audio books can be easily duplicated and will never run out of stock.
  • Audio books can be good for learning, especially in regards to mastering foreign languages. They help immensely because you will be able to hear exactly how a certain word is pronounced correctly.
  • For those who spend the entire day working and reading documents on the computer, listening to an audio book can be very relaxing after a exhausting work day and will not put any further strain on your eyes.
  • Audio books are pretty fairly inexpensive. You can readily download free audio books without having to pay for shipment and you don’t have to use gasoline to the bookstore to find a specific book, thus saving you a lot of hassle.

With the growth of free audiobooks, is no excuse any longer. Anyone can listen to an audio book — even more so now that bookplayer apps are becoming more and more popular. Audio books are quite convenient and are literally just a click away. So get listening! Time to enjoy free books on audio.

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