Bill Ackman: "Everything You Wanted To Know About Finance (Except JCP) In Under An Hour"

Whether you believe he is a one-hit-wonder or an investing wunder-kind, the following 44 minute clip from the activist investor (who is early, not wrong, on JCP, right?) provides investors with some indepth insights into what it takes to finance and grow a successful business and ‘how to make sound investments that will lead to a cash-comfy retirement.’ Of course, there are those who can and “do” grow a business, and those who “invest”… often times with less than stellar (ahem PSIV) results.


00:00:00 introduction
00:00:57 lemonade stand
00:03:14 fixed asset and inventory
00:04:30 assumptions
00:05:54 growing
00:08:12 cashflow
00:09:13 value
00:11:16 debt and equity
00:13:11 risk
00:14:59 rising capital
00:17:42 valuation
00:23:56 compound interest
00:25:37 advice
00:30:33 barriers for entry
00:33:34 when to invest
00:35:49 withstand volatility
00:37:13 mutual funds
00:41:24 ending


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