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New Age Calgary — A Past Life Regression Can Help Here.

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Spring Romance

Spring Romance

Meditation music, crystal therapy, books, past life regressions–new age Calgary has it all.

In new age Calgary, past life regression is not widely found or practised. How come? It is not easy to find training to become a practitioner.

Daniela at gatelight.com is one of the few in the entire city who can give you a past life regression.

So what exactly is a past life regression? It is something that is quite rare to find at new age Calgary, but it is an awesome experience! If you have problems in this life, normally you go back to a previous life to clear it up.

This is because if you have a problem, and many times you can not find a cause for it, then it can be possible, that the cause can be found in a past life.

A past life regression can be very helpful here indeed.

What kind of problems does this include: emotional problem, physical problems, problems with present day people. Daniela will guide you during the session, you will not be alone.

So this experience is like traveling to a former life. You do this to find the cause for your problem. You want to understand your problem, and heal it.

Daniela has guided me through several past life regressions, which were awesome experiences! My problem was found in the past life death, and then I understood the source of my pain.

A crippling pain I had in my ankle was one of my themes. That pain just vanished when the session was over!

At no time will you be in any real danger, but it can be a frightening experience for some people, so beware. For some people it might not work at all. It depends on the individual.

This is not your typical new age Calgary stuff, so if that is what you are looking for this might not be for you.

If you are looking for a kick, for something new in new age Calgary, something to do just for fun, this session is not for kicks!! You must have respect for this.

This will be very likely a special experience in your life. So please don’t treat it lightly

You will be in a kind of trance. You will not be hypnotized.

You will be connected in conversation to Daniela the whole journey. The session normally goes for about 1 to 2 hours. New age Calgary has never been more exciting.