What is the difference between an offshore headquarters company and an offshore holding company?

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In doing business offshore an individual or corporation will commonly take advantage of legal structures of ownership and management just as they would in their country of origin. This is done to make business management more efficient, to increase access to investment capital, and, at time, to reduce the tax consequences of various aspects of the business.

A holding company limits its activities to holding and managing investments of property, stock and other assets but does not manage these entities or engage in commercial or trading activities through these entities. A famous example, albeit in the USA, is Berkshire Hathaway, the brainchild of billionaire Warren Buffet, which owns billions of dollars of stock but does not manage the companies involved. On a smaller scale, where most of the world resides, a holding company can own stock, property, and more and manage these investments. It is common for a holding company to have shareholders who invest directly in the holding company and not in the individual holdings of the company. The particular laws and requirements needed to set up and run an offshore holding company vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

A headquarters company is organized and run in an offshore jurisdiction. Its sole business is to service its affiliate company through management and administrative services. Such a company is commonly set up in a tax advantaged jurisdiction. The company does not buy or sell products or get involved in financial operations such as a holding company does. The headquarters company is a fixed installation which belongs to an international company.

The headquarters company will be located in a carefully chosen foreign jurisdiction whose laws allow for it to act for the benefit of one or more companies. Its sole purpose is management control, servicing, and coordinating, typically in a specified geographic area. A common situation is that the headquarters company receives a tax deduction in that it can base its taxation on a national profit typically running between 5% and 8% of total operating expenses. Depending upon the laws of the host jurisdiction profits may not be taxes at all and expenses not used in calculating taxation. Many of the aspects of this sort of company depend upon the degree to which the host jurisdiction is trying to attract foreign companies and benefits will vary accordingly. As with many offshore enterprises having the advice and expertise of someone familiar with the jurisdiction and its laws is essential.

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Learn Five Ways Identity Thieves Steal From You

Did you know about 11 million Americans are stung by identity theft facts in 2009? That is bad, but even worse is these thieves are planning attacks every single day. If you think that you’re safe from this crime, listen in these facts. Here are some ways thieves can rip you off and make your life miserable.

Here is the list of some very common ways cyber thieves can take your identity. This will give you a chance to tighten your own security and keep your guard up for these tricks. Here goes:

Trash spying – Also known as dumpster diving, thieves can go through your trash searching for any scrap of paper with your current name, address, and hopefully either your credit card number or social security number. Most people don’t even consider that throwing old receipts away that have their credit card number on them is like gold to these guys, especially if they also have your signature on them.

Credit card swiping – If you dine out at restaurants quite a bit, you can easily fall victim to this scam. After giving your credit card to the server, they kindly take it back to the office area, out of your sight. That’s where they have a handy little device that swipes your card information and records it, so they can easily tap into your credit later on. These machines are widespread today, and don’t kid yourself that it doesn’t happen in your little town.

Email phishing – These electronic thieves are thinking up new ways each year to trick you into revealing your information, not just the Prince of Nigeria needing help cashing his big check, either. Many people get emails from tricksters asking for verification of their Paypal account, or social security number for “audit purposes”, just a few of the many tricks in use. Some even send text messages now to your phone, this is called “SMS phishing“ and is similar in that they try to act as if they know you, while asking you to verify some financial information. Don’t fall for these!

Wallet stealing – If you have ever lost your wallet you know what a panic it puts you in, right? Imagine losing your wallet only to have a very nice gentleman find it and give it back to you the very next day. The problem is, he didn’t find it, he stole it! And he didn’t take your money, he took down all your personal information and is now using it to create a fake identity with the information in your name. Sound impossible? Think again, this is a very clever con used by thieves to steal your identity and make you feel safe at the same time, unaware that they are draining your account dry or worse yet, creating new accounts in your name that you won’t find out about until it’s too late.

File sharing – If you or your children go onto the so-called file sharing sites to download music from friends, you could be in danger of having your identity stolen. How? Thieves can plant viruses called Trojan horses in the files, which are then downloaded to your hard drive. You don’t even know they are there, especially if you have old anti-virus software. While you go about your business, they quietly work in the background searching for your passwords, or even logging your keystrokes while you sign into your back account. This information is then sent to the hacker’s computer, probably in another country! Don’t let that happen to you, be very aware of what you download.

So I hope this article woke you up enough to take action, when I found out all of these tricks I took immediate action to protect myself and my family. It’s easy to do, get the protection from cyber-thieves now and sleep better tonight. Learn more about lifelock scam before it’s too late!

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Can This Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin Really Make You More Money?

I have been wondering if an automatic bonus delivery plugin might supercharge my affiliate commissions. The theory makes sense, right?

Give a little something more than what your competitors will be featuring and more customers can purchase from you. But if you’re like I am, you really do not want to add a whole lot of additional work to the method.

That is certainly the attractiveness of using a great WordPress plugin to do the hard work for you.

Install it, set it up and off it goes. Each and every time someone buys from your hyperlink, the plugin automatically verifies the sale, collects the e-mail address and delivers your bonus product to them. No muss, zero fuss. You just have to watch your account with a bank get bigger and bigger.

But you’re probably wracking your brains over easy methods to use this idea to increase your affiliate commissions. So why don’t we look at a theoretical plan…

The Benefits of Using the Automatic Bonus ´╗┐Delivery´╗┐ Plugin for Optimal Commissions

You find out the notorious “Mr. X” is getting ready to debut his newest Clickbank product. Because of the fact that you are currently a Clickbank affiliate, you go to the Affiliate page and go get your hoplink and look at the pre-designed marketing resources. This seems like a pretty good offer to advertise.

Maybe you have got a list of people within this niche – or possibly you don’t. Either way, you can utilize the automatic bonus delivery plugin to ace your competition. The thing you need to undertake is generate or purchase a complementary course you are sure that your prospects would really, really need. Find a good quality PLR product within the same category or have another product developed for you. Make certain it offers value to your prospects.

Consequently, while you advertise “Mr. X’s Magical Secret,” make sure you sell the idea of the bonus just about as hard as the original offer itself. Lots of people have already decided they would purchase “Mr. X’s Magical Secret,” and will look for the most desirable bonus package before plunking down their money.

Should you have a list, it’s pretty simple. Just be sure you point out the avantages the bonus when you promote the affiliate product to your email list.
If you happen to be making use of paid advertising (Adwords, Facebook ads or other methods) you’ll be better off sending your internet traffic to a landing page that discusses your bonus before having the prospects click on the affiliate link.

Once they buy, you need a way to get them their incentives with no need to manually send them an email with the download details. THAT’S exactly where the Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin comes into play.

  • Not ever again are you going to have to endure customer download issues.
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