How to make a claim for credit card fraud in the UK

Finally some good news! The level of credit fraud perpetrated on victims in the UK has decreased in recent times by a massive 23%, new figures show.

But that doesn’t mean we can afford to lower our defences: latest figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK reveals that credit card fraud, combined with debit fraud, cost the UK more than £232 million in 2009.

Their research shows that the cost of debit and credit card fraud has fallen 23% in the first half of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008, down to £232.8 million.

“These latest fraud figures are good news, but we know there’s no room for complacency,” says Katy Worobec, Head of Fraud Control.

“Whilst industry online security initiatives such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode may be making their presence felt, the fraudsters are never going to shut up shop and, of course, there are emerging areas such as online banking fraud which has risen again.”

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Peter Carville is a freelance article writer who writes for Financial Facts about the current financial news and the credit crunch.

3 Runescape Million Secrets

I think every player’s goal in Runescape is to make Runescape gold. To be rich in the game is a dream of most players. Read this article you would be able to get millions of gold. The fact is that having millions of gold pieces is the only method to be a hero. If you have millions of gold, you can afford armors and weapons and even mounts. Then you will be popular among players.

After personal research and conversation with thousands of Runescape players, I found a proven method to make players be able to make millions of Runescape gold. The 3 secrets are really simple to understand. I summarize them into 3 very very simple English words. If you think about it carefully, you will find it makes total sense in your way to become successful in Runescape.

The 3 secrets are here:




Read the three words at least ten times and think whenever you read. Think about how you can use the 3 words in your game play. I know that the 3 words seem to have nothing related to Runescape but it do have some influence in your game play. I will explain you in the next paragraphs.

Focus-if you can actually focus on your goal in Runescape, you will surely get what you want. If you do not know what you want in the game you’re going to get nothing out of it. So focus on the goal is the key to get the thing you want.

Consistency-you has to be patient in your game play. That requires you to be consistence in the way to get gold in Runescape. Could very well be busy with your work but please be as consistence as possible when you log in your game.

Persistence-I think you have dreamed to be the top in your class. Do you know that requires hard work? Of course you need to your job hard on your goal. You will be prepared to face the challenges in the game. You should be persistence as a millionaire.

So do you understand the 3 secrets?

Health Care Fraud in Texas – Texas Health Care Fraud Lawyer

Health Care Fraud in Texas – , Tonda Curry

While the government is losing billions on healthcare fraud each year, these financial losses are only a part of the picture. The other victims of healthcare fraud are consumers who often have no idea they have been caught up in a lucrative scheme that can wreak havoc in their lives for years.

Health care fraud in Texas can affect unwitting patients in many ways including:

1. False patient diagnoses, treatment, and medical histories
As part of making false insurance claims, criminals will enter false diagnoses including more severe conditions than a patient actually has. These false diagnoses become part of the medical history of the patient and part of the permanent record of the patient that may affect future coverage or payments for procedures.

2. Theft of health insurance benefits
Private health insurance often has a lifetime cap or other limits on benefits. False claims count toward those caps and limits and may result in a denial of future benefits due to the amounts being claimed exhausting benefits.

3. Medical identity theft
The growing crime of medical identity theft can result in incorrect information added to the medical record of a patient or to the creation of an entirely fictitious medical record in the name of a patient. This can cause the patient to receive the wrong medical treatment. A victim may find that health insurance benefits have been exhausted or that he is uninsurable for both life and health insurance coverage. The victim may be rejected for employment based on the incorrect history and diseases that he never had.

4. Physical risk to a patient
Patients who are subjected to unnecessary and dangerous procedures may be injured or can die. Instances of unnecessary heart catheterizations and angioplasties as part of fraud schemes have been prosecuted.

Further health, safety and healtchare information:

Seeking health care fraud lawyers in Texas?
Contact the Texas health care fraud lawyers at Tonda Curry & Associates if you have questions about Texas health care fraud and abuse today. Our health care fraud attorneys in Texas provide defense for all types of health care fraud in Texas. A health care fraud lawyer in Texas at Tonda Curry & Associates will guide you through the process and may be able to make a difference in the outcome of your case. Let our health care fraud lawyers in Texas intercede on your behalf.

Tyler criminal defense attorney, Tonda L. Curry is skilled in the following areas of law: criminal law; appeals; criminal defense; possession, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking violation in Tyler, TX. Ms. Curry’s education: J.D., Texas Tech University, 1988 & B.A., Bob Jones University.

Bulk Email Marketing And Email Marketing List

Companies these days are choosing the online marketing strategy to promote their own services and products to make it affordable. They’re trying to reach their targeted market and costumers by way of electronic magazines and digital newsletters by way of bulk email marketing and internet marketing.

The email marketing is one of the most effective and practical ways to start up the company. Any unknown brands could have millions of audience all over the world by way of bulk email marketing. The only downside of this method is the close association for spamming just like sending unwanted marketing campaigns and advertisements towards the random email marketing list. Everybody does not want to receive spam emails.

Even so, it does not mean that these companies will stop trying the bulk email marketing technique. The email list should comprise just those persons who wanted to obtain emails from different parties. Those who will decline the email should be automatically removed from the list.

The opt-in email lists can be purchased from the suppliers. The lists are usually coming from the surveys from internet users to fill out. The bulk email marketing is really a good investment for any businesses. The companies could communicate with their own possible clients always with little expenditure.

Nevertheless, since the spammers really exist, there should be this market for spamming. And if you think that this method will be healthy for you, and there are sufficient people who do not use the spam blockers, you’ll be able to opt to try this unwanted email marketing route. This way may have little response, but it can be enough.

But always remember that bulk email marketing is way different from the actual spam email marketing. The spam e-mail is unethical so you need to avoid using this method. Just concentrate on your goal that bulk e-mail is used to find potential clients to your business. Just simply go to this site http://www.Bulk-Email-Marketing.Org so you will find out more details on bulk email marketing.

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