The March Group Fraud Protection Alliance

Throughout human history, innocent people have often felt the effects of fraudulent business deals. No matter how far back in time one looks, unethical people have always seemed to shirk moral standards in order to take money from someone. The victims are usually law-abiding individuals who live by ethical codes of conduct. Unfortunately, fraud continues today, and the problem is far more rampant than it was in previous centuries. Luckily, The March Group, a firm that mediates during acquisitions and mergers, is here to help fight the war against fraud.

Joining The March Group fraud protection alliance is an efficient way to protect one’s business interests in today’s global market. In recent decades, the world has seemed to shrink. New markets are constantly being developed, allowing for greater financial opportunity. With the great volume of trade that occurs throughout the world on any given day, however, the job of fighting against fraud becomes ever more difficult. Many times, performing in-depth research on a potential business partner is impossible. Sadly, some of these partners end up being frauds.

Researching companies for potential mergers and acquisitions can be a challenging job. That is why The March Group fraud protection alliance was developed. The March Group believes that no business owner should ever have to worry about fraud when he ventures into a potential investment. By enlisting the help of The March Group fraud protection alliance, a business owner can spend less time worrying about what fraud might do to his investments. Instead, he will have greater opportunities to control what he really knows: the day-to-day dealings of his own business.

Overall, The March Group fraud protection alliance is the best way to combat fraud. In today’s uncertain financial environment, the best way to stand one’s ground against fraud is to use the best tool available: The March Group fraud protection alliance.

Founded in 1986 in Coral Springs, Florida, the March Group has developed the right expertise to protect business owners against baseless rumors. Evolving at the same time that the Internet started to make its imprint on modern society, the March Group’s techniques in raising awareness against Internet-bred scams are some of the most effective in the business world.

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A Variety of Capabilities of ATM Paper Rolls

Latest Atm Amazon products

Summit Zillions Deluxe ATM – Colors May Vary

  • Awesome sound effects
  • LCD screens welcome you and gives you all your account information
  • Key in your secret PIN number
  • Automatically adds coins that you deposit
  • Motorized bill feeder to deposit paper money

Smashing your piggy bank is a thing of the past with this ATM machine that works as a personal savings bank. The large screen welcomes you by name, then gives you all of your up-to-date account information. Its built-in camera and sound effects are so real, you’ll think you just pulled into the bank! Requires 3 “AA” batteries (included). Measures 12″ x 4″ x 10″.

Summit Zillions Deluxe ATM – Colors May Vary

When automated teller machines (most frequently known today as ATMs) first became prevalent l decades back, they were a novelty that made it possible to get income on the spot at all hours of the day. This was an amazing offer for those who were accustomed to taking out their money from the bank only during the bank’s posted hours. Now, we’re as used to taking out our cash from an ATM as were are from a bank, with many people also making their deposits at ATMs now as well.

Because so many of our important financial transactions take place at an ATM, it’s important that the ATM products utilized in conjunction with these machines are just as reliable and secure as the ATMs are. One of the most vital ATM products is the ATM paper roll because this product is what provides the receipts to customers each and every time that they complete a transaction. ATM receipts are very important for keeping track of banking transactions, especially for customers who do both withdrawals and deposits with ATM machines.

Besides receipts, these ATM rolls can also offer other kinds of important information to banking customers that can be useful for keeping the proper financial records. For example, it’s now quite commonplace to see that an ATM offers ATM receipts with images of the deposited checks printed directly onto them. This is a great offering for people who want to be sure that their checks were deposited correctly, because the machine collects their check and after the deposit there is no way to prove that the check has been inserted.

ATM paper rolls are also helpful because they provide critical information for the ATM user. Most ATM receipts come with an updated account balance based on the withdrawals and deposits which the customer has just made. In addition to that, the ATM receipt also includes information concerning the time, date and location of the transaction. All of this information can be helpful for those who are trying to help keep accurate records of their banking transactions.

However, many ATM users today decide not to print out a receipt from the ATM paper roll because they assume that they are able to check on all of their accounts on the internet, that is frequently obtainable through many banking institutions these days. However, it’s vital to take advantage of the availability of these ATM receipts because they provide some assurance in case an ATM should malfunction. With receipts from a certified ATM paper roll, you have real proof of your transactions and should have the ability to deal with your account effortlessly if any problems arise with an ATM machine you have required to utilize in recent weeks or months.

Russian Dating Blacklists: The True Russian Dating Scam

Men who research Russian dating and Russian dating scams will undoubtedly run across and These websites, both which are run by a mysterious gentleman named “Jim,” allegedly expose the “truth” about Russian dating scams. However, if visitors take a closer look at Jim’s sites they might begin to wonder who is a Russian scammer and who is not.

Jim’s “Approved” Sites Are the Same Sites with Prominent Ads

Of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Russian dating sites and Russian dating services on and, only 10-15 make the “approved” or “Gold” list. So many sites make Jim’s “Black” or “scam” list that he must list them on three separate pages. Coincidentally (or not), all of the Gold sites have prominent ads on both of Jim’s websites. On, he even asks visitors to click on Gold site links from his website so he will get “credit.” Jim also admits in his Bio that he gets advertising dollars from Gold and White list sites. This suggests that Jim is praising the Russian dating sites that pay him and unfairly trashing those who do not.  Who’s the Russian scammer now?

Jim Admits the Information on His Sites Are His Personal Opinion

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Jem is dedicated to exposing the truth about Russian dating scams and Russian dating blacklist sites.

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Spot a Wealthy Affiliate Scam Artist Quickly!

If you have been around the internet for more than a minute then you have probably seen a forum post or two about someone who was a victim of a wealthy affiliate scam artist. According to the poster the wealthy affiliate scam artist tricked them into releasing their hard earned money and guess what, they didn’t become a millionaire as a result! How could they do that? Well, let’s look a little deeper . . .

First of all, most so called “wealthy affiliate scam artists” don’t get a fair shake. And the reason I say that is because they are doing exactly what thousands of other legitimate entrepreneurs are doing. They are offering a business model or a product for sale. Yes, they write up a great marketing piece and yes they make it look easy but they also assume one thing – that YOU will take action and not quit! That last statement is the single biggest reason people think they’ve been had by a “wealthy affiliate scam artist”.

The truth of the matter is that very few people have been scammed. Yes, there are people that do illegal pyramid schemes and swindle others out of their money but those wealthy affiliate scam artists are fewer than one thinks. In fact, I would guess that 95% of so called “scams” are really a result of the buyer not following the directions, the buyer being undercapitalized or the buyer quitting too early.

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