A Potential "Boston Bomber" Getaway Car?

It was reported previously that police were on the hunt for a Honda CRV, allegedly a car belonging to a potential Boston suspect. Shortly thereafter the car was found, but not the suspect. However, we wonder if the Boston police and the Feds, still looking for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who by now has likely left the immediate crime scene, are aware that the suspect had what appears to be another car, a new, black Chevrolet Camaro, Mass license plate 649VC8, one which we have found on the suspect’s twitter stream about he was boasting as recently as March 15th, and which we have not seen mentioned in either the mainstream or fringe press yet.

From his twitter account:


John Hussman: The Importance Of Understanding The Tenuous Equilibria Of The Markets

Via Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity,

At the Wine Country Conference in Sonoma, California two weeks ago, John Hussman gave a presentation on the importance of equilibrium in today’s markets.

Many of the conference attendees were at the conference specifically to hear John speak, as he so rarely makes public appearances like this (his Hussman foundation made the event, which raised funds for the Les Turner ALS Research Foundation, possible). And John did not disappoint.

John spoke on the various types of equilibria in today’s financial markets. There are many different types, and it’s through the understanding of which ones we’re faced with that we can begin to accurately predict the most probable outcomes. Because these outcomes themselves (including the “endgame” outcome) are each a type of equilibrium — likely much more stable ones than that of today’s markets.

(If this seems a little wonky, just watch John’s example using chairs to demonstrate fragile, unstable and stable equilibria at 7m:22s, and all will be clear)

John dispels several popular but erroneous market myths along the way, including the concepts of “buyers outnumbering sellers” or “money moving into/out of a secondary market”.

His punch-line is that our financial markets actually have a natural equilibrium state that is far removed from where they are today. But interfering monetary policy (e.g. QE) and delusional fiscal policy have pulled the system away from its authentic state, to the point now where the forces to correct are placing growing strain on the status quo. As the system seeks to return to where it should naturally be, the yields that the Fed is so desperately trying to engineer are going to become less in size and number.

Investors need to realize that much of the “growth” the Fed is trying to return to was manufactured and unnatural. We are returning to a lower-growth environment, whether we want to or not.



Full Presentation below:

Hussman Wine Country Conference


What Exactly Did Obama Say To Wall Street's CEOs Last Thursday?

Correlation is not causation; but coincidence means you’re on the right path. Looking at the charts of Stocks, Commodities, and Precious Metals, we wonder just what it was that President Obama said at his 11am ET White House meeting last Thursday

Equity markets soared out of the gate on the 11th. Jobless claims beat expectations handily (shaking off the previous week’s concerns) and all was well in the world… until just after 11am ET (when the CEOs of Wall Street’s big banks – for no apparent reason – met with President Obama)… and this happened…


Gold also peaked at just after 11am ET…


as did Crude oil…


So what did Obama tell them?


Charts: Bloomberg


Guest Post: The Goal Is To Destroy All Constitutional Culture

Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com,

In America, our cultural method of debate tends to divide individual issues into carefully separated spheres of discussion. This hyperfocus on single issues, from gun rights to illegal wars to invasion of , draws us away from looking at the bigger interconnected picture, otherwise known as the “macro.” Each social or political conflict is compartmentalized by the mainstream, the dots are left isolated and the overwhelming overall threat to our foundational principles is marginalized.

The problem with this civic philosophy is that the general public is left without peripheral vision and unequipped to comprehend that there is a process in motion, an overarching plan that is eating away at the edges of our liberty from every angle, one small piece at a time. That is to say, we have been conditioned to obsess over the pieces and ignore the plan.

I want you to imagine the globalist establishment and the useful socialist idiots it employs as a hive of ants lurking in the grass around a bountiful picnic basket you (or your forefathers) worked very hard to procure. Now, one ant snatches a single crumb and races away, and you think to yourself that losing that one crumb is not such a sacrifice. A few more ants pilfer crumbs, and you shrug it off. A dozen more arrive, and you start to worry a little but are still too lazy to pull out the Raid. The rest of the hive sees your apathy and attacks, gobbling everything in a swarm of single-minded destruction. Left with nothing, you sit dumbfounded and hungry, wondering where you went wrong. The truth is, you went wrong with the first ant.

Not only are personal wealth and property ransacked by the collective in this way, but also personal freedom.

Every time a smaller attack on liberty is exposed or openly announced by the cult of statism, elitists invariably respond with a false face of rationality and common sense. They claim that they respect the line. They claim that they will take only the minimum. They claim that they are pursuing only a reasonable compromise. They expound on the “virtues” of their motives. They sing songs of unity, brotherhood and the greater good. They appeal to our diplomatic side; and if that doesn’t work, they try to shame us instead for being “selfish” or “ignorant” of so-called “social progress.” But this never has been and never will be about social progress.

Their goal is not to introduce greater understanding or awareness. It is not about public good or public safety. And at the very core, it is not about truth. If they cared about truth or principle and if their objectives were honorable, they would not feel the need to constantly lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and threaten in an effort to impose their own worldview on the rest of us. If their purpose was as righteous as they pretend, then deceit and subversion should be beneath them. Their philosophy should be able to carry itself, without their convoluted efforts.

The power elites and the people who blindly follow them are not interested in being on the right side. They are interested only in being on the winning side, and the two are certainly not the same. In the end, the result they covet most is not to achieve compromise on Constitutional ideals, but to achieve total and unequivocal destruction of those ideals. They seek to erase our heritage from history, along with those of us who value it. They want to annihilate Constitutional culture.

Through the efforts of the liberty movement, many Americans are now at least loosely aware of such issues as the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the designation of anyone — including American citizens — as enemy combatants subject to the laws of war, thus destroying the Constitutional right to due process and trial by jury. They have witnessed the vicious trampling of the 4th Amendment and our right to through legislation like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They have been confronted with the gross tyranny of Barack Obama’s executive assassination lists and predator drone fetish. They are aware of the existence of Department of Defense efforts to remove all vestiges of Posse Comitatus and allow standing military authority in the United States through the U.S. Northern Command (Northcom).

All of these things are clearly part of a violent war on our Constitutional rights, but what about the more subtle poison being introduced under the surface? The first place to look is always in your child’s school.

In Duvall County, Fla., the father of a 10-year-old boy discovered his son had been asked by a teacher to write and sign this statement as part of a school project:

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

When questioned on the purpose of directing fourth-graders to sign such a statement, the school district argued that the students participated in the activity of their own free will and that the lesson was designed to “create an awareness of the five rights contained in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” and help students “determine their opinions on which rights they value most and least.”

First of all, let’s be honest; I went through public schooling, and anyone else who went through it knows as well as I do that almost nothing within the public school system is treated as voluntary. Threats, fearmongering and mob mentality are all used by State teachers all across the country daily to manipulate and terrorize children into submitting to the program. As a nostalgic refresher, re-examine the incident in a North Carolina school in which a teacher screamed down a student who criticized Obama, claiming that people “could be arrested” for speaking ill of the President.

Secondly, if the teacher in Duvall County was looking to encourage students to “think critically” about their Constitutional rights, then perhaps it would have been helpful to educate them on what those rights are. Unfortunately, the children had not been given practical lessons on their rights before being asked to abandon them for “safety.”

This is a perfect example of the indoctrination process in action. While the gun rights issue has brought the politicization of public schools out in the open, with federalized education centers punishing children across the Nation for merely playing with imaginary guns or talking about toy guns, the real target is not the gun issue for the establishment.  The real target is all Constitutional thought.

Perhaps this is why the methodology of home-schooling has been so demonized by the mainstream, and why Ron Paul’s latest home-schooling initiative is already being attacked as “Christian fundamentalism.” The real reason the establishment’s panties are in a twist is simple; they do not like the idea of parents being able to compose their child’s own curriculum and, thus, remove anti-Constitutional conditioning from their daily lives.

The erasure of Constitutional culture has spread far beyond schooling, however.

The city of New Rochelle, N.Y., has demanded a local veterans’ post take down its Gadsden flag, a flag in existence since the Revolutionary War, because it has been adopted as a symbol of the Tea Party. The city council, led by Democratic Mayor Noam Bramson, voted to remove the flag after voicing concerns about the flag’s message.

Obama sycophant and hardcore big-government mouthpiece Bill Maher this week stated that the left (neo-liberals) needs to stop being afraid of its true goal in the gun debate — to dissolve the 2nd Amendment — rather than play at compromise.

“I’m so sorry, but this is the problem with the gun debate — it is that it’s a constant center-right debate,” Maher said. “There’s no left in this debate. Everyone on the left is so afraid to say what should be said, which is the Second Amendment is bullshit. Why doesn’t anyone go at the core of it?”

My response would be: “Yes, please do admit your true goals, gun grabbers and opponents of civil liberties. At least be honest about your fascist intentions so that we can stop playing games and have a real eye to eye debate (or fight) on the subject.:

And finally, NASCAR has come under siege by anti-2nd Amendment legislators as well as the media in general for allowing the National Rifle Association to endorse races. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) called on broadcasters to block transmissions of the NRA 500 because it would bring national attention to gun rights while the Senate is legislating for gun control (which, in his opinion, is bad).

Perhaps this is purely coincidental, but the timing of this stance against NASCAR’s support of gun culture has arisen right as Oath Keepers, a Constitutional organization dedicated to teaching current serving military, veterans and law enforcement about civil liberties and the affirmation of their oath, announced it is working with racecar driver Jeffrey Earnhardt to bring an Oath Keepers-sponsored vehicle to the NASCAR track.

While some people may not care less about NASCAR or even the 2nd Amendment, I would point out that through the gun issue, the establishment is ultimately undermining the holy grail of the 1st Amendment. If gun rights speech and culture can be silenced in the name of “safety” or “compassion,” then why not any other belief?

This problem of selective free-speech has now been exacerbated by the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Oath Keepers had planned and already received a permit for a high profile rally at Lexington Green in Massachusetts (a public venue where one should not need a permit to rally anyway), but the bombings opened the door for the Lexington Board (one member had been trying to undermine the rally from it’s inception) to revoke the event.  The excuse given was, of course, that it was for everyone’s “safety”, and that not enough police were available to secure it.  Though, a secondary event in a nearby town remains approved with little to no trouble.  The right to free speech is NOT subject to the intensity of the times, it is sacrosanct.  Period.  However, many in government today believe that they can rescind our Constitutional liberties whenever the public is distracted enough by disaster.

Incidents like these by themselves do not necessarily seem like an imminent threat to the freedoms of average citizens; but, taken together as a flurry of strategic movements, they represent a full spectrum attack on the very pillars of our founding structure. Throughout history, when conquerors wished to fully dominate a population, they would seek to slowly subsume the people’s mythology and principles. They would attempt to co-opt cultural ideas and values, twisting them into something completely different or wiping them from memory altogether. When the people lose their traditions and heritage, they become easier to mold and rule. This is exactly what is happening in the United States today: an ideological colonization that views Constitutional life as a mortal enemy and hopes to obliterate it from the pages of time.


McDonalds Hikes Japanese Burger Prices By 20%

As we have been warning for a while now, Japan wanted inflation and is certainly getting it, just in all the wrong places.

While Abe has been desperate to transfer the collapse in the yen and the (transitory) surge in the Nikkei to the all important increase in wages, and the much sought-after wealth effect, the reality is that corporate input costs are rising far faster than revenues, and wages will be the last thing profit and earnings-conscious companies raise.

As for the Japanese consumer, trained by 30 years of deflation, any profits in the stock market will be promptly converted to cold hard cash and bank deposits which represents that vast majority of Japanese financial assets, which means a double whammy for companies who will also see a drop in sales volumes, crushing margins even more as a result.

One company which could no longer tolerate soaring energy and food costs (both of which we described previously here and here), is McDonalds, and as the FT reports, the fast-food chain announced today that the price of its entry-level hamburger would increase by 20% from ¥100 to ¥120, while a cheeseburger would now cost ¥150 instead of ¥120.

This is the first price increase by McDonalds Japan, the largest corporate affiliate outside of the US which runs 3,300 local fast food restaurants, in five years. 

And now the Japanese, those few who have been trading stocks, and the vast majority who have not, will learn that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the recent market gains will promptly transform into a sudden and violent 20%+ drop in purchasing power which in turn will manifest itself into surging fury for two entire generations that have never seen rising prices anywhere outside of textbooks.

“If prices go up, I will try to use coupons more and think more carefully what to order,” said Satomi Chiba, a 42-year-old part-time helper at a nursery, who takes her family of four to McDonald’s “two or three” times a month.

But those are problems of the 99%, and as such can be ignored. For now, the world’s attention appears transfixed by the sudden surge of “wealth” (sadly wealthy is never merely diluted purchasing power) of the 1%.

Tokyo’s financial district has begun to buzz once more. One visiting banker said it took him eight minutes this week to find a taxi in a street normally lined with idling cabs.

Unfortunately, by now the bulk of the stock market gains have come and gone. And now it is up to everyone else, to pay the price.

Attention is switching to evidence of inflationary pressures building in the broader economy. While the weaker yen has caused costs for fuel and other imports to rise, many companies have so far been reluctant to lift their final prices, for fear of losing market share.


Tokyo Shimbun, for example, raised the newsstand price for its morning newspaper from Y100 to Y110 this month – the first increase in 16 years – but left the price of a monthly subscription unchanged.

Something tells us the Japanese BLS is hardly as proficient at “hiding” soaring food and energy prices as the US version. Which means rising inflation will be directly correlated with public anger and inversely so with the popularity of the Abe cabinet, something we discussed previously when we observed that according to Asahi, the favorable rating of Abe has already started to drop precipitously, tumbling to 60% from 71%. The longer the Abenomics experiment drags on, the lower this number will be until finally it hits the same level it did when Abe was forced to resign in disgrace the last time around.

Only this time he won’t be able to blame his failure on another bout of explosive diarrhea.


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