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Flash Update No. 1

(SGS Subscription required) • Nothing Like a Little Legerdemain to Boost the GDP Revisions and to Generate Happy Reporting
• Headline Real GDP Growth Rates Were Spiked by Downside Revisions to Inflation
• Nonetheless, Real GDP Growth Revised Sharply Lower, Slowing Rapidly Quarter-to-Quarter and Year-to-Year into First-Quarter 2019
• Second-Quarter 2019 Quarterly Growth Slowed to a Near-Consensus 2.06%, With Annual Growth Slowing to 2.29%, Lowest Growth Rates Since Early 2017
• The ShadowStats Recession Forecast Remains in Place

Bullet Edition No. 14

(SGS Subscription required) • Congress and the White House Move to Expand Federal Spending, the Federal Deficit and Debt Ceiling, as U.S. Economic Growth Falters
• Federal Debt Outstanding in Excess of GDP Already Is Startling, and That Excess Debt Growth Is About to Accelerate
• Uncontained Federal Deficit and Debt Expansion Doom the Dollar
• U.S. Remains in Deepening Recession
• Second-Quarter GDP Should Come in Below Expectations, On Top of a Likely Downside Revision to First-Quarter GDP
• Despite Hemming and Hawing of Some Fed Officials, Major FOMC Easing Remains Likely by September
• On the Brink of Perpetual Quantitative Easing?