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Top 10 frauds with buying and selling through online classified sites

If you ask anyone how to sell or buy anything, then the answer you receive is through online classified sites. Yes it’s true, selling and buying is done successful through online and it’s the easiest way. That’s the great thing about dealing through online, you get to communicate directly with the person buying or selling.

There are many sites (Example: on the Internet which allows . It is as simple as going to a site and placing an ad for anything for free. This creates a very unsafe environment for the public; ads can be placed without any back round check or screening.But selling or buying stuff online always involves some level of risk. Today so many are affected with frauds.

Here are 10 common methods and warning signs of online fraud:

PayPal Fraud:

Most of the classified sites are doing transactions through PayPal. With the rapid growth in the number of PayPal users, frauds on PayPal accounts have become more frequent and severe.

To access a PayPal account you need to have the username and password of the account. The username of a PayPal account is the main email address (primary email address) used to register the account. The security system is quite secure as long as the username and password of the PayPal account are known only to the actual owner of the account. If these details are available to anyone else it would mean that the security of that PayPal account has been compromised.

Automotive Fraud:

A fraudster posts a vehicle for sale on an online classified site, generally for luxury or sports cars advertised for thousands less than market value. The details of the vehicle, including photos and description, are typically lifted from other sites and re-posted elsewhere. An interested buyer, hopeful for a bargain, emails the seller, who responds saying the car is still available but is located overseas. He then instructs the buyer to send a deposit amount to initiate the “shipping” process. The innocent buyer gives the funds, and does not discover until days or weeks later that they were scammed.

Travel Fraud:

Some Travel agencies tries to fraud by posting fake ad posting in the classified sites asking to buy cheap Travel packages and tries to impress on the offers they are providing.

Once the traveller has paid the processing fee, the travel agent will come up with additional charges or in extreme cases even disappear.

Dating Fraud:

The classified sites are providing a category for Dating. And some sites are providing only Dating ads. Online dating scams and fraud are almost as old as Internet dating itself. The person who frauds often tries to develop a relationship, and eventually convinces the victim to send money. The scammer often meets the victim in chat rooms or via online dating classified sites. Their object is not to get into their hearts, but to get into their wallets. They will try to earn someone’s affections and trust so that they can persuade him/her to send money. The requests for money can either be a one time event or repeated over an extended period of time. After spending time communicating and building a relationship with the victim, the scammer will ask for help in the form of money.

Rental Fraud:

Fraudsters operating are trying to confuse those who are seeking on rent. The scammers posts an ad in the classified site that property is for rent and pretends to be the owners of a property and when the customer responds to the ad, fraudsters ask to make a deposit and for some personal information to be sent via email. Keys to the home, they promise that they would be sent as soon as possible.

Car Dealer Fraud:

Most auto classifieds online give a price, which you can work with, but a regular trick, which is frustrating and time consuming for customers is this.

When the dealer wants to get rid of the old car quickly, the dealer will run a large advertising in classified sites, with the price ridiculously below cost. When the advertisement runs, the dealer waits for customers to flood through the doors. The customer will be buying that old car thinking to be new car and deposits the amount to the dealer assuming that he is buying a car at very low cost. He does not know about the fraud until he receives the car or he may not even receive the car.

Work-at-Home Scams:

Work at home job offers are more in classified sites. The job offer section is almost filled with work from home, online data entry, Earn Money Typing at Home, Real jobs with Real companies and so on.

Why are so many people interested in these types of jobs?

The answer is so many people are interested in work from home jobs so that they get to work from home, spend more time with their family, don’t have to worry about leaving house and getting stuck in that traffic.

So some companies are taking advantage of this fact and post ads in jobs category since the latest trend in searching job is through online classified sites. Companies say that they guarantee that you will get a job. The only you have to do is to have a one-time, lifetime enrollment fee and that enrollment fee is backed with a 90-day money back guarantee. All we ask is that you participate in the program for 60 days and once they receive payment they will not respond back.

Pet Classified Scams:

In recent years, online Pet Classifieds scams have increased and have affected many people.

Online classifieds scams pose threats to both sellers and buyers.

Posing As a Seller: A Person can post an ad for a puppy that only exists in the item description. Actually, seller doesn’t have the puppy that he/she is trying sell or give away. Seller will then ask for money and refer them to the shipping company who is supposed to send the puppy to the buyer. Buyer waits for few days and contacts the seller, but no answer. Tries again for couple of more days, no answer. Finally buyer decides to call the shipping company with the reference number for the puppy. Shipping company replies that they don’t have anything related to this reference number or it is not for your puppy. Buyer loses money.

Posing As a Buyer: A scammer can pose as a buyer of a puppy and contacts the seller. Buyer is desperate to buy and accepts your listed price and suggests that his/her agent will pick up the puppy with a check that is more than the asking price. In return, they ask buyer to deduct amount for the item, get remaining amount and give a fake cashier’s check. Seller will lose the puppy and the money.

Home Improvement and Home Repair Fraud:

Each homeowner wants their home to be as comfortable as possible. Home improvement or home repair can be a major expense and every homeowner looks out for the best deal that is available in the market. These large sums of money attract fraudsters to the home repair industry looking for ways to scam your money, while offering you fraudulently services.

Scammers post that they are offering to do expensive fixes for a fairly low price. This is just one technique dishonest home repair firms use to hook customers. Once you sign the contract and pay in advance, they don’t show up to complete the job and leave you with phony contact information.

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Fraud Prevention

Fraud is one of the worst crimes a person can commit without hurting anyone physically. Not only is fraud stealing from the government, but it can also be money stolen from an individual person. The average person does not have backup resources and will have to survive with the trauma caused until an investigation can be done and then the money returned, but in many cases the damage is already done. Losing all of ones savings can happen at the worst time, which can lead to a holiday being cancelled, a home being lost, a debt missing its payment and so on. Statistics show that fraud costs the UK 14 billion pounds per year and because of that there are many safeguards in place in order to stop fraud.

Fraud prevention is not only carried out by the government in order to protect its people but also the businesses: small and large. As such there are many laws that govern what is and what is not fraud and how it must be proved and disproved, as well as the appropriate punishment for such acts. The main set of legislation that the majority of fraud prevention work stems from is the Serious Crime Act 2007; using this act the CIFAS (Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System) is able to share information on fraudulent activity, as well as guide businesses and people on the best ways to stop any kind of fraud happening directly to them.

However, fraud prevention is not just the concern of big corporations and the government; it is also an issue for the individual person. With fraud affecting tens of thousands of people a year, many safe guards have been put in both online and in the physical world in order to make it much more difficult to get around. For example, the basic magnetic strip swipe is nearly obsolete now, replaced by the chip and pin system. Most banks have taken to using a PINsentry (Natwest being one of the first) which must be used in conjunction with the owner’s card and pin number, in order to produce a unique number that must be entered in order to access their own account. However Barclays have also taken this PINsentry to a new level by not only using it as a way to access online banking, but also an instrument to use in the banks themselves in order to stop fraud.

However, each person is responsible for keeping themselves safe from fraud. One of the most common issues comes from the pin code itself, as many parents will send their children into town to buy something and in some cases the cards are then lost or stolen. A second common problem with keeping card details secret is the internet.

From emails telling you that you have won the lottery, to sites which steal your details when you buy from them, caution should always be noted and sites always double checked on Google to ensure that the site is legit and has no complaints. It is, however, wise to note that is one of the most well researched areas and with more and more being done to stop it; it will only be a matter of time until reaches perfection.

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E-Business Revenue Earnings Boosted After Credit Card Fraud Protection

Alexius Larpinuere is an owner of a Canadian e-business that specializes in selling gifts online. The business shifts in high gear during Christmas, and other gift giving days. The company earns most of its revenue during these times, and loses a part of it to payment fraud.

The revenue loss because of credit card fraud had become a part & parcel of his business for a number of years now, and Alexius had begun to accept it since he was clueless on how to prevent it, this attitude had emboldened the people that targeted his website, and year after year the level of fraud increased.

Alexius was indifferent to the issue of fraud, because the business also had rapidly increased over the years. But the things however were different now, because the downturn has affected many enterprises and his business too was now in the midst of it, the issue of fraud was no longer a back burner any more.

Alexius was quick to realize that credit card fraud protection was his primary task now, and if something notable had to be done about it, he had to take that initiative rather than rely on payment gateways for credit card fraud prevention. The new beginning would start with hiring specialist that could render pre-screening of payment instruments before the payment gateways processed them, fraud at that stage was required to be prevented.

The objective was clear, and the task entrusted to a company that partners with merchant websites rendering fraud prevention services. The screening service used 600+ parameters to authenticate the genuineness of a credit card, and instantly generates an alert in case of fraud. The screening process takes very little time and without the customer being aware of it.

Alexius was able to benefit from the company’s fraud prevention services, because it was targeted by a syndicated gang whose origins were located in Nigeria, the Geo location feature that the screening company used was able to identify the masked proxy and in the process the transactions that originated from that region were blocked and fraud prevented.

The screening company also used device identification tool that virtually fingerprints devices used for transactions and in time can generate an alert used by syndicated gangs for committing fraud on different merchant websites.

MerchantRMS adds new meaning to credit card fraud prevention, it guards businesses susceptible to online credit card fraud. Using technology and dated information we ensure that our fraud preventive measures stay two steps ahead of perpetrators of fraud, meaning our credit card fraud protection cover to e-Businesses secures online payment modalities, rendering Card-not-Present transactions fraud proof. prevent chargebacks

The March Group's Scam Alert Program Keeps Middle-Market Business Owners Free From Fraud

A scam artist is a person who seeks to take advantage of an unsuspecting person. Most of the time, scam artists pose as trusting individuals who want someone to invest money in an incredibly lucrative business opportunity. The scam often leads to an unrecoverable loss of monetary investments and other assets. Being the victim of a scam can make a person feel a plethora of emotions: shame, anger, sadness, hopelessness, bitterness and fear. Unfortunately, anyone, no matter how rich or poor, can fall victim to a scam.

A hard-working business owner should never have to experience the above feelings. He should never have to worry about getting scammed. Not only are his investments at stake during a bad deal, but the reputation he has built over a lifetime can also disappear just as quickly as the money that he lost as a result of the scam. To prevent scams, a business owner who is looking to diversify his company should utilize The March Group scam alert program to protect his assets during periods of transition like mergers or acquisitions.

The March Group scam alert program keeps middle-market business owners and investors from ever having to feel the negative emotions than can result from a scam. Instead, during mergers and acquisitions, the March Group mediates a fair deal for both parties to ensure a successful transaction. The March Group scam alert program prevents either party from feeling as though it is being cheated.

Ultimately, the March Group scam alert program is a guarantee. Business transactions will be safe and will benefit clients’ financial investments. The March Group has spent twenty years taking care of clients’ needs and safeguarding them from scams. Using the March Group scam alert program is an opportunity to protect one’s assets, even while business surges forward into a new dimension.

How To Trace A Fraud Person?

With the increasing number of criminal activities, demand of detectives in India for tracing a fraud person is also increasing. You can trace a fraud person by following measures-

You can check out the residence and background details of the suspected person in the online public databases. These public domains can be accessed free of cost and you can get important details like inmate records, court records and sex offender records. These websites are designed exclusively to make the common man cautious and aware of the dangerous people dwelling in their neighborhood.

One can make use of detectives in Delhi for tracing of fraud person. Detectives involved in Private Investigation in Delhi can offer you services like quietly following the fraud persons so as to track their activities, places visited by them, their names, peoples they meet and all such details that are required by the client for safety issues.

Possible threats due to a fraud person in vicinity

There are a number of threats that can be caused by a suspicious and dangerous person residing in your nearby areas. Some of the most common threats by a fraud person may include murder, theft, kidnapping and rape. Besides these threats, the fraud person can get your personal details so as to entrap you in mobile phone fraud and credit card fraud. Some of the most common threats posed by a fraud neighbor may include-

*    Identity theft- a fraud person in the vicinity can misuse your personal details like name and address for getting an open bank account and credit card in your name. A fraud man may require a utility bill, bank statement and credit card in your name and you will be liable for paying off the heavy bills.

*    Phishing- fraudsters are highly active in sending fake emails to the bank account holders so as to influence them to reveal their confidential details like PIN numbers, security codes and banking details.

*    Boiler room scams- fraudsters make call to the victims so as to motivate them to invest in forged companies. Sometimes these frauds promise good share returns from companies that do not even exists.

Fields where these investigation services can be utilized

Investigation services in India can be utilized for following kinds of investigations-

*   Personal investigation
*   Corporate investigation
*   Crime and forensic investigation

Benefits of these services

Some of the most alluring benefits of these services may include the following-

*    Pre/post marital investigation, Shadowing of a fraud person, Divorce case support and information of missing person.

*    You can pursue competitor’s investigation and financial fraud & theft investigation.

*    You can enjoy lie detection test, finger print test and criminal investigation.

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