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Minimizing Online Fraud with High Risk Merchant Accounts

If you have a casino or adult business, you are prone to fraudulent transactions and high risk problems. The truth is this is something that can’t be avoided. You just need to take precautions to decrease them. Oftentimes charge back rates are just around the corner. Normal banks don’t accept the application of high risk business. If you want to minimize the risks, here are some ideas.

How To Stay Away From Adsense Click Fraud

If you crawl through the AdSense message boards then you will see the history of the suffering from the publishers of AdSense, which were banned on behalf of Google. Below is a list of ways people have been banned from AdSense and information on how to prevent this from happening to you. Do not click on ads on your site thats the first priority and an obvious, but still people do it. Google has IP-address of the computers that you used to create and check AdSense account. If they see that this IP address clicks one of your ads in the issue then you will be in problem.

Don’t ever try to click on your own ads.

This is a robbery. Not from Google but from advertisers. If you want to go to the website advertised on your site then do not click, find the URL in the advertising site at the bottom of the ad and enter it into your web browser. If you click on one accidentally (which does happen) you are probably be ok but it is worth dropping a fast e mail to Google with an explanation & apology

Do not access adsense from a public computer.

As I said above, Google keeps a record of every machine IP-address used to look at your account. If you check your stats on the machine and someone else clicks on their ads on the same machine Google believes that it is click fraud. It should be borne in mind when checking stats from somewhere like an Internet caf

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Imagine the following situations:

Someone rummages through your rubbish to find discarded receipts and then uses your account numbers illegally.
A shop keeper keeps a copy of your credit or debit card and then uses it to pay for other transactions.
A mailing asks you to call a long distance number to claim a free prize. You are told to provide your account number to sign up. You do so and are billed for transactions you never made.

Credit card fraud is a huge industry costing consumers and card issuers hundreds of millions of pounds each year. It is a form of theft that is much more discrete than traditional robbery. While it is difficult to completely prevent card fraud from occurring, there are steps you can take to minimize your chances of becoming a victim.

Guard Against Fraud

Here are some tips you can take to help protect yourself from card fraud.


Sign the back of your cards as soon as they arrive.
Carry your cards separately from your wallet.
Keep your account numbers, expiry dates and company phone numbers and addresses in a safe place.
Watch your card while it is out of your sight during a transaction and seek to get it back quickly.
Destroy incorrect receipts and all carbons.
Compare receipts with your monthly billing statements.
Open your bills and reconcile your account monthly.
Report suspicious activity or charges promptly and in writing to your card issuer.
Notify your card issuer in advance of a change of address.


Lend your card to anyone.
Leave your cards or your receipts lying around where others might find them.
Sign blank receipts. If there are blank spaces on a receipt, draw a line through them.
Write your account number on the outside of an envelope or on a postcard.
Give your account number over the phone, unless you have made a call to a company you trust. If you have a question regarding a company, check it out with your local consumer protection office.

Report Losses and Fraud

If your card is stolen or lost, report this immediately to the issuer immediately. Many companies have free emergency numbers specifically for such calls. By law, you have no further responsibility for unauthorized charges once you have reported it. Calling quickly will reduce your liability for unauthorised charges, and will help the card issuer to catch the fraudster or block the transactions, making life harder for the crooks.

Joseph Kenny is the webmaster of the UK credit card comparison site, where you can find a selection of credit card advice that should help guide you through the credit card maze. For US visitors there is also the comparison site for all US interest free offers.

Debt resolution fraud

A second option you have to reach your credit resolution goal is debt consolidation . Regain the control back in you’re life through the credit card debt resolution to decrease your burden. This results in a credit resolution scam that should be avoided through proper measures. This is the reason credit debt resolution scams occurs in the first place.

According to court documents, PQI was an umbrella organization for numerous vendors of tax and credit debt scams. Credit debt resolution is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States today. In order to accelerate the debt resolution, you will need to allocate about $200 to the resolution plan. Debt settlement negotiations are a way for resolution programs to receive payment. A resolution program usually consists of a debt settlement agreement or a filing of bankruptcy.

But the internal resolution process replaced, with advantages, the foreign debt process. Debt resolution companies work with creditors everyday and they do resolve debt. Debt services will improve your credit score not diminish it. Some also feel that by using debt services will report negatively on their credit report. Debt resolution schemes generally involve websites advertising a legal way to dispose of mortgage loans and credit card debts.

Figure 13 depicts the filing trend for debt fraud through March 31, 2006. The President’s course toward debt resolution will require both skillful cash management and fiscal policy. I recommend that you check out my other articles to get more information on resolution solutions. When researching this article, we came across a lot of information on the growth of resolution scams. The creditor typically will pay the resolution program a percentage of any monies received as payment from the debtor.

The typical percent range a resolution program will receive is between 5% and 20% of that lump sum. The goal of Christian debt resolution programs is to ensure that God is that one master. The son worked as the computer programmer for a debt company for over 3 years. Doing a simple Google search will yield you with millions of links to resolution companies worldwide.

But the fact is that even people with very low incomes can save surprising amounts of money by learning to manage the money they have. (check your debt condition here)


The first step you need to take is to start saving NOW! Even today there are choices to make: Is this an essential expense? Is this an expense that can be deferred? Is this something I want or is this something I need?

In most cases, a salary that does not stretch from payday to payday does not mean insufficient funds – it simply means the timing of the expense and the paycheck are off. It also says that you are probably not as careful a spender the week after payday as you are the week before. When we talk about savings most people think, “O.K., I will try living on a budget, and at the end of the month I will put what is left over into a savings account.”

But it does not work that way. Something always goes wrong. At the end of the month, you come up short. The solution is pay yourself first. (check your debt condition here)

RULE # 2:

The most pain free way to save is to pay yourself first. That is put, put yourself and your future before any other demand on your money, and deposit a set amount every payday into a saving or investment program.

Many employers offer payroll plans that automatically deposit a sum, determined by you, into a savings account each payday. This way you will never see the money, let alone be tempted to spend it. It is regular, it is constant, and you quickly adjust to it. Banks, too will automatically move a set sum into a saving account. (check your debt condition here)

This eliminates the need for will power. The important thing is to have the money come directly out of your paycheck, or right out of your checking account before you have the chance to spend it. Just think of your savings as a bill that needs to be paid first. (check your debt condition here)

When you use a credit card, you are really borrowing money taking out a loan on which a high interest must be paid.

With offers of credit cards in the mail almost everyday even to students and kids some people have wound up owing a walletfull of cards, with outstanding amounts on every one . It’s madness.

There are several real, practical uses for credit cards. One is as I.D. in cashing checks. Another is to rent cards it’s impossible now to do this for cash because car rental agencies demand to see a credit card.

You can use them for telephone transactions and internet purchases. Also it is convenient to use one for hotels and meals when in travel.

You are in an ideal spot when you can own a credit card to use in emergencies, but pay off debt when it comes.

With offers of credit cards in the mail almost everyday even to students and kids some people have wound up owing a walletfull of cards, with outstanding amounts on every one . It’s madness.

There are several real, practical uses for credit cards. One is as I.D. in cashing checks. Another is to rent cards it’s impossible now to do this for cash because car rental agencies demand to see a credit card.

You can use them for telephone transactions and internet purchases. Also it is convenient to use one for hotels and meals when in travel.

You are in an ideal spot when you can own a credit card to use in emergencies, but pay off debt when it comes.

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Exalt consulting fraud

What is Exalt? What does it mean?

To honor; to hold in high esteem, praise, glorify, or honor. This is how you can describe Exalt

Who is Exalt Consulting?
A professional consulting company based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Exalt Consulting provides executive and mass search and recruitment consulting services to global clients. Exalt Consulting is one of the leading recruitment consultants in Bangalore. Exalt Consultants is highly ethical, professional and result oriented organization in the business of providing human sources to meet the ever growing demands of the various industry segments.

What do you know about consulting fraud?

In the broadest sense, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent.

The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and also a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud, but there have also been fraudulent “discoveries”, e.g. in science, to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain.

A hoax also involves deception, but without the intention of gain, or of damaging or depriving the victim; the intention is often humorous.

The typical organization loses 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud, with a median loss of $160,000. Frauds committed by owners and executives were more than nine times as costly as employee fraud. The industries most commonly affected are banking, manufacturing, and government.

Types of fraudulent acts

Fraud can be committed through many media, including mail, wire, phone, and the Internet (computer crime and Internet fraud). The international dimensions of the web and ease with which users can hide their location, the difficulty of checking identity and legitimacy online, and the simplicity with which crackers can divert browsers to dishonest sites and steal credit card details have all contributed to the very rapid growth of Internet fraud.

Types of criminal fraud include:

bait and switch

bankruptcy fraud

benefit fraud, committing fraud to get government benefits

counterfeiting of currency, documents or valuable goods


confidence tricks such as the 419 fraud and Spanish Prisoner

creation of false companies or “long firms”

embezzlement, taking money which one has been entrusted with on behalf of another party

false advertising

false billing

false insurance claims

forgery of documents or signatures,

fraud upon the court

health fraud, for example selling of products known not to be effective, such as quack medicines,

identity theft

investment frauds, such as Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes

Moving scam

religious fraud

marriage fraud to obtain immigration rights without entitlement

rigged gambling games such as the shell game

securities frauds such as pump and dump

tax fraud, not reporting revenue or illegally avoiding taxes. In some countries, tax fraud is also prosecuted under false billing or tax forgery.

Elements of fraud

Common law fraud has nine elements

a representation of an existing fact;

its materiality;

its falsity;

the speaker’s knowledge of its falsity;

the speaker’s intent that it shall be acted upon by the plaintiff;

plaintiff’s ignorance of its falsity;

plaintiff’s reliance on the truth of the representation;

plaintiff’s right to rely upon it; and

consequent damages suffered by plaintiff.

Most jurisdictions in the United States require that each element be pled with particularity and be proved with clear, cogent, and convincing evidence (very probable evidence) to establish a claim of fraud. The measure of damages in fraud cases is to be computed by the “benefit of bargain” rule, which is the difference between the value of the property had it been as represented, and its actual value. Special damages may be allowed if shown proximately caused by defendant’s fraud and the damage amounts are proved with specificity.

Sorry we just moved far away from the topic, we need to talk about the consulting fraud!

As we know what is consulting and how it should be done, if someone is not doing exactly that can be counted as consulting fraud.

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