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Security of eCommerce Websites is Crucial to Reduce Fraud Risk

With the increase in the internet marketing systems, we are also seeing other problems that we have to understand and face as we grow into this new trend and they include the aspect of security. Security can be divided into two parts, the first one would be the security of your website, and the other part would be the security of your customers.

If you are a small operator, however, have your own website, and then it is important to make sure your system is secure at all times. There are many out there trying to get into your computer and make things difficult for you however; you are going to have to be able to handle all these situations with the proper tools which are also available.

Information that you have stored in your system is sensitive and therefore, it is important to have some kind of system where that kind of information is secure at all times. People will trust you when they know that they are in good hands, otherwise, if for some reason your information gets in the wrong hands, you can be having many problems. However, making a site secure can be a very complex issue and therefore, it is important you understand how this can be done in a professional manner.

Passwords can be seen as a mode of keeping your system secure. However, you will have to understand that there is software that is able to decipher passwords as well. Also, if you have a lot of information under one password, most probably you have organised this information in software that is keeping you updated and this is something someone can get to through either physically, or with the help of programs like Trojan horses, which are able to read your computer files and pass them on to hackers.

Of course, software security is definitely the best option you may have to be able to keep your computer secure as a responsible website, however, it is also important to note that although you have to keep on updating your security software, there are times when some of these companies are not keeping their systems updated and new scams can get through to you as well. If you use a web hosting provider, it is important to know what kind of security measures they are implementing and to make sure they have their settings updated regularly.

Using minimal software is also important to be able to keep the system secure. It is important to note that some software comes with many features and this is something you don’t really use, however, that is the way how the security gets disrupted in the first place.

It is extremely important for those website owners that store information about others to have very strict and secure rules about the way how they store this information. There have been many cases of credit card numbers stolen from websites which have been used as fraud many times and therefore, it is very important to take the security issues very seriously.

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Creating A Click Fraud Action Plan For Your PPC Campaign

OK so you’ve read or heard enough to make you concerned about click fraud. In a 2006 survey of 1400 search marketers in the U.S under 50% of the group had plans to monitor click fraud across their campaign in the coming 6 months (MarketingSherpa) so by creating an action plan now you will already be in the minority of mindful and risk conscious PPC marketers. Your PPC click fraud action plan will be tailored to your own campaign budget and your analysis of the risk level involved, here’s a guideline.

Allocate a budget

This should be relative to your campaign ROI. If you’re spending

ACORN’s Voter Fraud?

The right wing spin is that the organization called ACORN has registered many thousands of fake people who supposedly will somehow make real votes for Obama/Biden this fall.

They are telling this lie in hopes of changing the subject from the economy and in hopes of continuing their ridiculous low road “guilt by association” slime ball attacks on Barack Obama.

The truth is that ACORN is a group which tries to register real people (poor people) to vote. And the truth is this what the Republicans do not like. They know a majority of the over one million people that ACORN has registered to vote this year will be voting for Democrats. They know that a few fake registrations (which do ACORN absolutely no good, I’ll get to that in a moment) are not a real issue.

They make an issue out of it as a diversion from the real issues facing Americans. They also make an issue out of it in hopes of riling up their mostly ignorant base (who actually buys this crap without questioning the logic of it all.) They make an issue out of it to undermine what appears to be more and more likely an Obama victory this November 4th. They make an issue out of it to divert attention away from the real vote fraud which is done almost entirely on behalf of the Republicans. That real voter fraud isn’t creating fake voter registrations (which as I’ll get to soon are completely worthless) but in voter caging and voter suppression. You see voter caging and voter suppression do not add fake votes for the Republicans, but they do take away real votes from the Democrats.

Fake voter registrations are a problem for ACORN but they are not something that ACORN wants. Quite the opposite. Fake voter registrations are created by some of their lazier less scrupulous workers who don’t bother to actually register voters but instead just fill out fake voter registration forms. Why do they do this? A very simple reason and it has nothing to do with stealing an election: They want to be paid without doing their work.

These fake voter registrations are a waste of time and money for ACORN precisely because they do not represent real people. And guess what; fake people don’t actually vote! That’s what’s so insane about this so called “voter fraud.” It actually has absolutely nothing to do with fake votes being cast. No fake votes are cast because of these types of fake registrations. The GOP should in fact love that this happens because it simply wastes ACORNS time and money. That’s time and money that could be spent registering real poor people that actually could vote!

ACORN actually makes an effort to mark all suspicious voter registrations before they send them to the election boards. The election boards then throw out the registrations that they cannot verify as being from real people. So the actual registrations that are made do not include these fake registrations.

Hopefully you are a logical person and you can now see what’s going on here. This is just another dishonest attempt by the right wingers to change the subject from the real issues and to smear their opponents with lies. It’s disgusting. It’s exactly the kind of politics America has had enough of. And it’s exactly the kind of politics that McCain/Palin want to give us for another four years.

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Strategies to Eradicate Insurance Frauds

The strategies to eradicate insurance frauds could be better understood by a careful study of the following points —

• Measurement of frauds

• Coping with frauds

• The future

The measurement of frauds can be classified further in the following way:

• Hard To Measure

• Factors Accountable

Why are the frauds unmeasured ?

Frauds are difficult to measure because of three major reasons:

a) Frauds are often undetected

b) Researches are pending

c) Evidences are often wasted

These reasons can be further explained in a better way –

Frauds are often undetected: The laws that are directed towards spotting frauds are not strong enough. In the absence of laws, no proper network can be developed for tracking down malpractices.

Researches are pending: Researchers who start enthusiastically often dry up in the middle due to the trudging time.

Evidences are often wasted: Time being an important factor, evidences lose their worth and are often lost for good.

Coping With Frauds:

There are a few good ways to cope with frauds which can be summarized as follows:

• Fraud Busting Units

• Consumer Awareness

• Training Employees

• Hunting Down Cheaters

• Increasing Fraud Bureaus

Fraud Busting Units:

The State governments across the US have focused on developing different fraud busting units after their recent expenses towards anti-fraud movements proved futile. These units are composed of former intelligence personnel and retired policemen.

Consumer Awareness:

Consumer awareness drives are becoming more and more popular amongst insurers as they distribute insurance guide leaflets across a large volume of consumers. This in turn helps the consumers to know the various financial aspects associated with their policy in their correct form and thus detect and avoid the insurance fraud rackets. They are also being offered a number of active fraud hot-lines where in they can register complaints or seek advice 24/7.

Training Employees:

Insurers are resorting to training their employees through their initial phases of employment so that they suffice the expectations of the consumers promptly. Employees are now endowed with a better training towards handling all sorts of billing discrepancies which enables them to track any form of fraudulent intentions.

Hunting Down Cheaters:

Insurers have resorted to a joint funding of the National Insurance Crime Bureau in the recent times. NICB conducts different researches and collects vital data related to alleged fraud incidents and refers to them while prosecuting. It also conducts a National Consumer Fraud Hot-line.

Increasing Fraud Bureaus:

About 37 fraud bureaus have been developed by the insurance regulators across 45 states in the US. More & more fraud bureaus are trying to curb the insurance frauds through their vast network of data exchange facilities and through incorporating new operational laws.

It is not easy to eradicate insurance frauds in a day, but if we put in our best efforts then we may try & curb them gradually. This has to be a consistent effort over generations to rule out the basic causes & make sure that the vital social issues like health, life or business are sheltered.

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