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PappaPC Computer Home Business – $100 Per Hour!

PappaPC Computer Home Business – 0 Per Hour!
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PappaPC Computer Home Business – 0 Per Hour!

Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash
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Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash

Spot a Wealthy Affiliate Scam Artist Quickly!

If you have been around the internet for more than a minute then you have probably seen a forum post or two about someone who was a victim of a wealthy affiliate scam artist. According to the poster the wealthy affiliate scam artist tricked them into releasing their hard earned money and guess what, they didn’t become a millionaire as a result! How could they do that? Well, let’s look a little deeper . . .

First of all, most so called “wealthy affiliate scam artists” don’t get a fair shake. And the reason I say that is because they are doing exactly what thousands of other legitimate entrepreneurs are doing. They are offering a business model or a product for sale. Yes, they write up a great marketing piece and yes they make it look easy but they also assume one thing – that YOU will take action and not quit! That last statement is the single biggest reason people think they’ve been had by a “wealthy affiliate scam artist”.

The truth of the matter is that very few people have been scammed. Yes, there are people that do illegal pyramid schemes and swindle others out of their money but those wealthy affiliate scam artists are fewer than one thinks. In fact, I would guess that 95% of so called “scams” are really a result of the buyer not following the directions, the buyer being undercapitalized or the buyer quitting too early.

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Todd Wesley is an internet marketer that teaches men and women everywhere to actually make money online, from home. Through his program he can show you how to start your business tonight and start making real money this week. To get started go to

Mortgage Fraud: Not Declining Despite the Crisis

Mortgage standards for loans have increased drastically. One would think that mortgage fraud would decline quickly, but surprisingly this is not the case. Mortgage fraud has continued to soar rather than decline. This is according to MARI (Mortgage Assistant Research Institute). Mortgage fraud is among the top reasons why crisis is happening right now. Many borrowers lost their houses to mortgage fraud.

According to the study conducted by MARI, the first quarter of 2008 held 42% more incidents of mortgage fraud than compared to 2007’s first quarter. One can almost say that maybe people, especially those in the industry, are getting very desperate to find sales not matter the costs with this crisis going on.

The Mortgage Bankers Association says that loan applications right now are at its lowest in eight years. The rarity of the loan applications are naturally paired with the difficulty to close deals properly. Real estate professionals experience this the most. Real estate agents, loan originators, and appraisers of properties are all looking for clients just to keep their businesses running.

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Nationwide Loan Auditing is a devoted company who values the importance of customer service.  Our Trusted Auditing Advisors are passionate people who care about assisting homeowners on their path to security of the America Dream. We help homeowners by providing a court ready audit to be used as legal leverage in court in order to restructure their faulty mortgage loan.

Trust Services Offshore Using a Government Issued License

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Why an Offshore Trust?

As people lose faith in the solvency of many nations and in their currencies there is steady increase in the flow of capital “offshore.” Many retirees are likewise leaving the nations of their birth to live their golden years in offshore locations. Many bank offshore, have business entities offshore, create foundations offshore, and form trusts offshore. The use of a trust to pass inheritance on to ones heirs is an old tactic to legally avoid probate and inheritance taxes. Many have discovered that setting up a trust offshore coupled with other asset protection vehicles is one step better than a trust “back home.”

Who Sets up and Manages an Offshore Trust?

A trust is a legal document which, at some point, requires legal structuring. A trust will designate a trustee. This can be a natural person or it can be a company or institution specifically licensed to act as a trustee. In setting up an offshore trust it is virtually always best to have someone with expertise in the law of the jurisdiction involved to watch over the trust. This service can be handled by a resident of the jurisdiction and it can also be handled by an offshore company with a government issued license to set up trusts and provide trust services.

The use of institutions rather than individuals is common, for example, in the United States where banks have trust departments that outlive the individuals setting up the trust and anyone they may have chosen to act as trustee. For trusts set up to take care of grandchildren and great grandchildren having an institution rather than an individual as trustee makes excellent sense.

With recent changes in law a number of offshore jurisdictions now allow offshore individuals and corporations to obtain government issued licenses to provide trust services. Almost exclusively these individuals may only offer trust services to non residents. However, the group that comes to an offshore jurisdiction to set up a trust is, by definition, non resident.

Opportunity in Trust Services

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An offshore formations and banking specialist working for several companies regarding offshore structures, formation of companies, foundations, banks and financial institutions in several jurisdictions, including provision of government issued financial licenses.

Working for User Bancorp Ltd, which is providing private and corporate accounts, merchant accounts, offshore companies such as Belize IBC’s (International Business Company), Panama corporations and foundations, wire transfer services, managed funds/forex, credit- debit- and prepaid card issuing.

We also offer co-ownership and shares in different investment programs such as real estate investment in profitable jurizdictions like Panama, Belize and Spain.

Certificate of Deposit/Term Deposit accounts available up to 9 % p.a.

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Domain Name Check

Without a domain name for your site it would be impossible for you to engage in this kind of business. A domain name is as important as your money. If you failed to obtain your own domain name for your website a person don’t have any future with this kind of company. It is not difficult to find a domain name at all. Nevertheless there are important things that you need to perform upon choosing one. You can’t just pick any names that you want, you should be very goal and you should follow the common recommendations on how you are going to do it.

There are thousands of domain names that you could choose from. It will actually depend on your own choice whether you want a long or short domain name. On the other hand some domain registrars require or even give a limited number of figures for domain names. In this manner you should learn how to incorporate your ideas with those limited number of figures. You should also consider the interest of the people and also the things that could surely get their attention.

Since there are varieties of domain names and people who want to have them as well, it is important that you perform a domain check before making up your mind. It is not a good idea to stick on a single domain name only because you aren’t yet sure that it is completely available for you to use. Domain name check is one of the fundamental things that a telemarketer values a lot. If you are not going to perform a domain check for you website you will find things that you might not like to happen.

The most difficult and disappointing part of not performing a domain name check is that there might be other people who have already used the same domain names that you wished to have. There are also thousands of web-developers and virtual entrepreneurs over the internet and you have the same objectives like they do. It is important that you perform a domain check and register it afterwards.

Once you are currently sure that the domain name that you have selected is still available it is best to register it right away. You should never let the chance to slip from your fingers. You will never know what will happen subsequent. Others might get your domain name as well as register it under their property. Once this thing happens to a person, you will no longer have any chance to register that particular domain name. You are then necessary to select another domain name for your website. It is because repetition of domain names over the internet is strongly prohibited.

Domains are also considered as indication of ownership. It is important and essential to register your domain name under your authority because it is the only way for the domain name registrars to follow your activities over the internet. The existence of a single and original domain name is also assured once you have passed the actual registration. For more details, visit this website http://www.Domain-Name-Check.Org.