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Here Comes Google Wave: They Are Taking Over Everything

Wave? What’s that? What is Google’s new bid to take over the world? Well, to be specific, Google Wave is a “web based service, computing platform, and communications protocol engineered to merge e-mail, IM-ing, wiki, and social networking.”

In easier terms, it means they want to make one web application ( keep in mind this is all based around HTML 5 ) that will integrate e-mail, IM, your Twitter and Facebooks of the world, wikipedia entries, Photobucket type sharing and more, all in one window. And open it up for developers to take it in whatever direction they want from there. Briefly they’d like to take around the world. And I subscribed to the beta. (That is all that it is now, 100,000 people will be given invitations soon, the employee takes the order and everybody is happy.

This is an easy example that probably won’t even be close to anything which will come out, I’m sure what will come along will be Way more cool than anything that I could think about.

Imagine for businesses. You are working in a web based company, maybe providing web design, programming, Minneapolis search engine optimization, and admin services for a client. The business possibilities are HUGE for this, particularly on big projects, with multiple departments working on one single project, or collaborations thru different departments.

Even in my business, a digital camera repair shop if I’ve got a electronic camera repair that one of my staff is working on and I’m on the road with my Netbook, I will just Wave with the employee to discover the standing and give that info straight to the purchaser all very simply!

So if you are thinking about it even a tiny bit, jump on board, and use the Wave. I firmly believe this will change the face of things, the same way e-mail, IM or social media has changed things.

Supernatural Episode "a Light In The Midst Of Darkness" Pt 13

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PT: a Coherent for a Stress-free, Healthy and Properous Life Without Government intereference, Taxes or Coercion

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Astro is not a space term as you might be thinking. Juvenile actually has to do with youth. This thing was actually festering since I was a young man. I think age brings about all the garbage of the youth. When I was in the hospital I was diagnosed with JPA (Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma) and with hydrocephalus, or water on the brain.

A brain tumor often compresses and displaces normal brain tissue. Some tumors cause a blockage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that flows around and through the brain. The blockage increases the pressure inside the skull and enlarges the ventricles (hydrocephalus).

I was diagnosed with 1 of the 120 different types of brain tumors. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the group which has classified all the different types of tumors. Tumors are classified by their cell type, after the Pathologist looks at it under the microscope, and it is given a grade. The grade determines how fast the tumor is planned to reproduce and grow itself. My tumor apparently was slow growing since it was around for approximately 30 years.

Detection of this tumor was only made by having a MRI in the hospital. I did not voluntarily have this by having one scheduled at a local MRI facility.

4 – Emotional affects

This entire incident had its effect in different ways on my entire family. Here are the stories of my wife, oldest daughter and oldest son.

During my hospital stay my wife and children were able to stay with my sister in law. Staying with them was good for my youngest son, Josiah, and his relationship with his aunt and uncle which probably would not have happened otherwise.

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The People Behind Internet Scams

Have you ever wondered what kind of person would purposely scam innocent people out of their money on the Internet? These people thrive on the invisibility of the Internet. They have the ability to hide their tracks easily, disappear quickly and easily, and are rarely caught by authorities. There are two types:

The first is ambitious and proud about what they are doing. These are the ones who are intelligent and expert swindlers. They are excited by their “genius” and feel that the work of creating a scam is reason enough for the money they make from it. They look at all possible angles to avoid being obviously illegal. Right there is a clue that they know what they are doing is wrong and yet pursue it with justifications. They believe if someone buys into the scam, or as they prefer, “money system”, they have no reason to complain. They convince themselves the opportunity is there, even when they know only one percent or less of the people putting in money will actually make any money. These people thrive on the faceless, impersonal Internet. They do not know the people they are scamming and don’t care to know them. It makes it much easier to take someone’s money if you don’t see the real person suffering a loss.

The above type naturally creates a sub-type scam artist. This is a person who has bought into a money system and in order to make at least enough to cover their “investment” into the business must advertise the business and get more people involved. These people often end up paying out much more money in advertising than they first gave to the business and very few recoup their money at all. It has been said that only about 1% of people who put money into a money system get any money from it.

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Online fraud : defend yourself!

Learn how to detect and avoid fraud, identity theft, internet scams, consumer ripoffs, con jobs and investment schemes by educating yourself from a victim! I entered myself into business transactions with “Indonesian Businessmen” met in in 2001. I was so pissed on myself that since that day, I have tirelessly collected informations about online fraud. If I can open the eyes of only one person to avoid fraud, this work would be a success.

Americans lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fraud. Billions more are lost world-wide to con artists touting the next great investment idea, guaranteed loans and diets that can’t fail. These con artists or scam specialists do not discriminate between the rich and poor, the young and old, nationality or race. They target the well educated, so-called smart individuals as well as those with less education and sophistication. Their greed knows no bounds.

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