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Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems – Search Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems – Learn About Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems

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The Rules(TM) II: More Rules to Live and Love by (Pt. 2)

Sequel to the bestseller The Rules.

The Rules(TM) II: More Rules to Live and Love by (Pt. 2)

Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems are something every driver should know about. The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a terrific vehicle, but just one problem with your Chrysler PT Cruiser can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t pay for expensive car repairs ever again – get an extended warranty for your Chrysler PT Cruiser today!

Modern vehicles are more complicated than ever before and are also more expensive to fix – in this tough economy you should not be spending thousands of dollars on automotive repairs. If you drive a Chrysler PT Cruiser, you need to be protected from expensive repair costs. Just one problem with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, air conditioning or computer system can cost over $500 to repair. An extended warranty will ensure that you do not need to pay for any problems with your Chrysler PT Cruiser. If your automobile is not covered by an extended warranty – you should click on the link below and get a free, no obligation quote today:

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is an excellent automobile, but every car and truck on the road is just one problem away from needing expensive repairs. An extended warranty will protect you from these repair costs and it takes just a couple minutes to get your free, no obligation extended warranty quote. Don’t wait until it is too late – protect yourself from Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems today by getting an extended warranty quote now!

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Stock Trading Basics-Beginners Checklist

A lot of people nowadays are thinking of making a lot of money if they are going to try stock trading. While this may be true, they miss the point of this as not just another get rick quick kind of raking cash. This goes beyond the basic way of planning where to place your investments. And with that in mind, here are some stock trading basics that you should know before giving this a try.

You need to come up with a trading plan. This works like the usual business plan, but this time, it can only be used as a reference for trading purposes. This document involves your game plan, on how to prevent too much losses that you will find it hard to recover. The good thing about it is that you can adopt someone else’s trading plan, but of course, writing your own has its own advantages too. That is because you can make a trading plan that fits your traits as well as something that is in sync with your trading psychology. In the end, you just have to stick using one as your guide. This will bring you to decide whether to pattern a trading plan or writing one of your own.

Next is that you need a charting software,. You can also get this information if you will attend stock trading courses. This software works as your tool to aid in analyzing trade data as and get more information on the market that you have before you can finally place your trade like dividends, minimum price, closing price, earnings per share and other related stock market trading details. In fact, getting the best charting software to work for you is really important so you can become successful on your trades. That is the main reason you need to consider a number of factors getting the best charting software for you. These are usability, support system, age, popularity among the stock trading community, among other characteristics in getting the best functional charting software.

Another requirement is for you to have a data provider, as part of learning stock trading basics today. Generally, this is what traders are needed to have since they really need these to work well with their trading plans using the historical data they already got from studying the present market. This is another crucial set of information you need to know so to possibly avoid huge losses for using some unreliable, untested charting software. There’s another reason for getting a very reliable data provider today. That is because it can compare the previous information that have already worked for you. In this way, you will get to know if you can just possibly pattern that in your present trades, using the same data if that already worked for you.

Having the services of the best stock broker is another essential detail that you need to know so you can place trades. You just need to decide if you are getting the services of a discount or a full service broker. If you want that person to follow your trading strategies then go for the discount one as the full service broker is much expensive because of additional service which is giving trading advice to their clients.

Now you have a bit of idea on some of the stock trading basics that you need to know just in case you want to start learning about trading today. Just take note that aside from these things mentioned above, you also need to devote your time and attention in learning all these essentials of trading for you to be successful in your future investments.


Controlling the Human Element of Fraud Awareness

Responsibility for fraud awareness and implementing educational programmes for and organisation will lie with the board of directors and senior management however successful fraud prevention policies will only be successful if all the organisation are including in the fraud prevention strategy.

To implement a successful strategy those at the top of the hierarchy will need to take ownership of the policy but will also have to win over the support down through every level in the organisation. Everyone in the organisation will need to understand the internal and external risks that are there for the policy to be implemented successfully. However there must be a balance between training employees up with fraud education so they can assist the organisation prevent fraud and awareness of the risk of providing staff with the knowledge to commit criminal acts themselves.

Other actions that should be carried out include:

1. Distributing policies and procedures to every employee and department so they are highly visible at all times.
2. Educating the workforce to the fraud risks that are present with ongoing training to keep up to date with new fraud techniques. Both general fraud prevention education and department and business functions fraud should be given to affected departments such as finance, personnel and sales departments.
3. Responsibility given to employees to prevent fraud
4. Employees should sign agreements forms and codes of conduct should be introduced to avoid disputes later
5. Stringent controls should be in place to reduce chance of employees carrying out fraud

Handling Fraud Reporting When fraud occurs organisations need have policies in place that encourage employees to report any suspicious activity or suspected incidents without fear of punishment. Often fraud happens but is never reported as employees don’t want to inform against colleagues or are prevented by a culture of silence. Those that hold information needs to be assured that they will be protected when they come forward with potential fraud information.

Fraud is sadly growing and businesses are struggling to prevent and reduce fraud. There are many fraud based conferences that are organised throughout the world, conferences are organised regularly. Attend the next one to help protect your business.

Tom Swayer writes articles covering a broad range of subjects. His main area of expertise is fraud awareness and scam prevention. Tom has written articles on these subjects including an article covering the Marcus Evans scam conferences.

Managing Offshore Outsourcing: Does your Offshore Operation Need a Health Check?

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The Rules(TM) II: More Rules to Live and Love by (Pt. 2)

Sequel to the bestseller The Rules.

The Rules(TM) II: More Rules to Live and Love by (Pt. 2)

Let’s reduce costs by going offshore with some development or service functions! The board and management agree to set up offshore activities in a place like India, China, Russia, Slovenia, or Bulgaria. Time passes. Everyone is happy. Right? Well, maybe.

Many companies are finding that their goals are not being met in a consistent way. Issues creep into the picture. These issues are really symptoms of deeper problems. Issues that frequently arise are:

– Product schedules begin to slip. Your staff starts complaining that low productivity in the offshore operation is eliminating the cost benefits that you justified the movement to offshore in the first place. The offshore operation requests substantial added resources in the budget cycle.

– Customer satisfaction relative to functions provided by the offshore group starts to decline. Customers feel the product is moving away from their needs or the call center doesn’t seem to “understand our needs”.

– Politics develop between the marketing, product management and/or development functions in the US and the offshore operation. There is finger pointing and the US based groups complain about the offshore group doing their own thing and the offshore operation complains about lack of solid product requirements and communication problems with the US groups. Teamwork, a strong point of the company, seems to break down on any subject dealing with the offshore operation.

– Frequent changes occur in vendor personnel at the offshore location. Members of your US team, who provided training and support to the initial offshore activities, have been reassigned to other duties and now the changes in the vendor personnel need support from your staff once again.

Almost every company with offshore operations encounters these and other issues along the way. To determine if you need to take steps to assure your offshore operations are achieving the goals that you have set, please take a moment to complete the following score card on your offshore operation. Assign a score of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest for each factor and total them up to see where you stand. For example take factor no 1; do you have a clear written statement specifying the company goals for going offshore? Do you have at least a 3 year plan for offshoring with expected financials? Does everyone associated with offshoring clearly understand the long term goals of offshoring? You assign a 10 if you answer yes to each of these questions. When you add up the scores for each of the following questions, if you score less than 80% (80), you need to consider undertaking assessment of your offshore initiative.

Assessment Score Card

Factor Your score

1 Do you have clearly established goals for your offshore initiative?

2 Is your offshore organization meeting original expectations?

3 Is there consistent expectation between head quarters and offshore organization at all levels?

4 Do you have a clear understanding of productivity of your offshore organization compared with its U.S. counterpart?

5 Do you have a clear understanding of total cost of offshoring – not just salaries?

6 Do you have a clear understanding of the real contribution of your offshore organization?

7 Besides engineering processes, have you integrated management processes, culture and goals?

8 Is it meeting current and future needs of the company?

9 Do you have regular program reviews? How useful are they to manage your initiative?

10 Have you established clear guidelines for project selection?

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M. M. Sathyanarayan is President of Global Development Consulting, Inc., an advisory firm focused on global outsourcing. He led the pioneering effort in global outsourcing at HP/Tandem beginning in early 90s and was Founder/CEO of a startup. He is now internationally recognized consultant, author, trainer and offshoring coach. He has helped a number of companies improve their performance by effectively leveraging global resources.

Chrysler PT Cruiser NY on Special Lease Promotion at East Hills Chrysler

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Reunion, Pt 1

Reunion, Pt 1

ROSLYN, N.Y. – customers may be eligible for East Hills Chrysler’s newest financing promotion offered on the 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Chrysler PT Cruiser NY shoppers may qualify for a lease special of $199 a month for 48 months. The Chrysler PT Cruiser, retroactive style with modern convenience.

Chrysler PT Cruiser NY buyers already know about the distinctive shape of the vehicle makes it a Chrysler-owner favorite, and its interior is roomy enough to attract all car buyers. The Chrysler PT Cruiser NY is loaded with space-oriented conveniences including a multi-position rear shelf and fold down rear seats that can be removed completely. Chrysler PT Cruiser NY drivers appreciate its fuel efficient engine and smooth, responsive suspension.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser NY models feature standard and optional features including power locks, windows and mirrors, cruise control, satellite radio with CD player, MP3 compatibility, privacy glass and leather-wrapped steering wheel available on the PT Cruiser Classic.

Other great Chrysler PT Cruiser NY options include items such as power moonroof, heated front seats and fold-down front passenger seat is also available.

Chrysler PT Cruiser NY buyers will feel safe with the vehicle’s standard safety items including 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, front, side-curtain and front seat-mounted side-impact airbags.

To learn more about the Chrysler PT Cruiser NY visit and schedule a test drive today.

Known for quality vehicles, fair pricing and over 55 years of stellar customer service, East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge is proud to serve all drivers with their purchasing needs. In addition to being the No. 1 Certified Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealer in the northeastern region, East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge is a Five-Star Chrysler award winner, and has received the AAA Dealer of Excellence Award.

East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge also offers certified, pre-owned vehicles, great financing, and the latest technology in its parts and service departments.