Russian Dating Blacklists: The True Russian Dating Scam

Men who research Russian dating and Russian dating scams will undoubtedly run across and These websites, both which are run by a mysterious gentleman named “Jim,” allegedly expose the “truth” about Russian dating scams. However, if visitors take a closer look at Jim’s sites they might begin to wonder who is a Russian scammer and who is not.

Jim’s “Approved” Sites Are the Same Sites with Prominent Ads

Of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Russian dating sites and Russian dating services on and, only 10-15 make the “approved” or “Gold” list. So many sites make Jim’s “Black” or “scam” list that he must list them on three separate pages. Coincidentally (or not), all of the Gold sites have prominent ads on both of Jim’s websites. On, he even asks visitors to click on Gold site links from his website so he will get “credit.” Jim also admits in his Bio that he gets advertising dollars from Gold and White list sites. This suggests that Jim is praising the Russian dating sites that pay him and unfairly trashing those who do not.  Who’s the Russian scammer now?

Jim Admits the Information on His Sites Are His Personal Opinion

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Jem is dedicated to exposing the truth about Russian dating scams and Russian dating blacklist sites.

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