No. 969-B: 2017 Annual Real Median Household Income and Income Dispersion, August 2018 Labor Detail

(SGS Subscription required) • Extreme Income Variance Signaled Record Levels of Financial Stress in 2017, Ultimately Foreshadowing Severe Economic and Stock-Market Turmoil
• Headline All-Time High in Real 2017 Household Income Was Nonsense
• Consistently Surveyed and Reported, Real Annual Median Household Income Has Yet to Recover Its High Levels of 1999 and 2000
• Still, July 2018 Monthly Real Median Household Income Showed Its Fourth Consecutive Monthly Gain
• August Household-Survey Employed Dropped by 423,000 (-423,000), while the Headline August Payroll Gain of 201,000 Was 151,000, Net of Revisions
• August U.3 Unemployment Edged Lower to 3.85%, from 3.87% in July; Broader U.6 Unemployment Fell to 7.39% from 7.54%. On Top of U.6, ShadowStats-Alternate Unemployment Declined to 21.2% from 21.3%
• Sharply Intensifying Labor-Market Stresses Remained Consistent with Headline Unemployment Closer to a Record High than Just Off a Record Low

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