No. 951: New Orders for Durable Goods, New- and Existing-Home Sales, Retail Sales Benchmarking

(SGS Subscription required) • Retail Sales Benchmarking Was Unbelievably Negligible, Shifting Growth Minimally from 2015 through 2017, into 2018
• First-Quarter 2018 Real Retail Sales Annualized Contraction Narrowed to 1.71% (-1.71%) from 2.05% (-2.05%), Still the Deepest Drop Since the 2009 Depths of the Great Recession
• Sharp Downside Benchmark Revisions to New Orders for Durable Goods Left Real Orders Shy by 7.1% (-7.1%) of Recovering Their Pre-Recession Peak
• New- and Existing-Home Sales Both Took Monthly Tumbles in April, Down Respectively by 1.5% (-1.5%) and 2.5% (-2.5%), Still Shy by 52.3% (-52.3%) and 24.9% (-24.9%) of Recovering Pre-Recession Peaks

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