No. 935 – SPECIAL COMMENTARY, ANNUAL REVIEW – PART ONE Economic and Financial Review and Preview

(SGS Subscription required) • Did the Fed Trigger the Stock Sell-Off?
• How Can the Be Booming, Given Ten Years of Ongoing Non-Expansion in Manufacturing, Real Construction Spending, Housing Starts and Home Sales, Domestic Freight Activity, Domestic Petroleum Consumption, Real Consumer Credit (Ex-Federal Student Loans) and Given a Decade of Stressed-Employment Conditions?
• As Natural-Disaster Spending Boosts Wane, Stagnant Economic Conditions Face a Renewed Tumble in Months Ahead
• Renewed Downturn Could Trigger Resurgent Fed Pressures for Expanded Quantitative Easing and Intensified Dollar Debasement
• Budget-Deficit Issues Should Become Focus of the Currency Markets
• Long-Range U.S. Economic and Financial-Market Health Depend on Resolving Both Misdirected Policies of the Federal Reserve and
Intensifying U.S. Sovereign-Solvency Concerns of the Global Markets
• Massive U.S. Dollar Selling, Debasement and Eventual Hyperinflation Continue as the Primary Risks to Domestic Economic and Political Stability; Precious Metals Remain the Proven and Established Primary Hedge to Same

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