No. 929: A Challenging and Potentially Dangerous Year Ahead

(SGS Subscription required) • 2018: An Unusually Challenging and Unsettled Time, with Likely Tumultuous Markets, a Non-Recovering , Political Turmoil and Election Surprises
• Faltering Consumer Outlook and Tightening Liquidity Conditions Are Inconsistent with Shrinking Unemployment and Surging Holiday-Season Sales
• Beyond Data Disruptions, Booming Headline Economic Activity Has Been Fueled by One-Time Insurance Payments and Liquidation of Savings, Not by Regular or Sustainable Income Growth
• December 2017 Marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Formal Onset of the 2007 Recession
• Economic Expansion Is Defined as Growth Beyond the Prior Business-Cycle Peak
• Key Headline Measures of Consumer and Industrial Activity Still Remain Shy of Recovering Pre-2007 Recession Peaks
• Trade Deficit Has Turned Increasingly Negative for Fourth-Quarter GDP

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