Helicopter Footage Shows Devastating Aftermath Of “California’s Deadliest Wildfire Disaster”

With at least 29 dead, and over 3500 houses destroyed, the devastating series of fires that has ravaged Northern California’s Wine Country has to be seen to be believed. As smoke clogs the air up to 100 miles away and with schools and sports programs shut down across the entire NorCal region, this disaster is already being called states deadliest wildfire in history.

“These fires are a long way from being contained, so we’re doing the best we can for people that have been displaced and help them to hopefully rebuild their lives” said Barry Dugan, a Sonoma County spokesman.

Have already burned more than 191,000 acres – an area nearly the size of New York City.

Entire neighborhoods have been lost…

But the park survived…

But Kmart was not so lucky…

As the following shocking aerial footage shows, there is nothing left of some of the states (and country’s) most beautiful places to live…

Aerial footage shows the devastating aftermath of the wildfires in California: whole neighborhoods razed to the ground. At least 29 dead. pic.twitter.com/LpFgHxDgrq

— BNO News (@BNONews) October 12, 2017

But, as Michael Snyder notes, the true extent of the devastation will not be known until the crisis is over, and it looks like the worst chapters may still be ahead. USA Today is reporting that no rain is in the forecast, and strong winds are going to continue to push wildfires very rapidly across the region…

“No rainfall is forecast for ongoing fires in California,” the weather service said.


“Strong winds behind the front will bring elevated-to-critical fire weather threats to active fires across northern California today.”

Normally, it is one of the most beautiful areas on the entire planet, but now it is literally being transformed into a complete and total nightmare.

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